Pink is the New Black: A Top 20 list, part 3

WARNING: If it isn’t obvious enough, there is a massive amount of pinkness in this list. If you are not brave enough to handle all the pinkness, I suggest you close your eyes while reading this blog. Yeah… that should work.
Now let’s go the top half of video game characters in pink. With monkeys, pocket monsters, spiked turtle, midgets with big hats reigning supreme on the second part, can the list get any weirder. YES it can!

10. Kirby

Fan art by SakikoAmana

First appeared in: Kirby’s Dreamland (1992)
Most likely to: eat your pet.

Kirby is probably one of the most dangerous creatures that also happens to be pink. An interesting bit of info is that while creator Masahiro Sakurai envisioned him as a pink fluff of cuteness, Shigeru Miyamoto imagined him yellow. In the end, he ended up being pink, but in the confusion, he was presented as white in America. He might be pink, but I dare you to make fun of him, in his face. He will suck you up, spit you out and cut you down. Twice. (^_^)

9. Aeris Gainsbourgh

Fan art by Risachantag

First appeared in: Final Fantasy VII (1997)
Most likely to: cause rumors

Aeris… such a character… whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that she has become an iconic character thanks in part to Sephy. I think she would die before wearing a not so pink outfit too. Anyway, at first glance she seems your typical damsel in distress who is physically weak but great in magic, but she turns out to be stronger than she looks (As a character, I mean)

8. Zelos Wilder

Fan art by gemiange

First appeared in Tales of Symphonia (2003)
Most likely to: stare at Sheena’s chest

A much needed male in pink representation, this guy, known to be womanizer (among many other things I won’t say to avoid spoilers), is loved by many. Or was It hated by many? Don’t the him because he’s rich and beautiful.

7. Josephine

Offical artwork

First appeared in: Suikoden 5 (2006)
Most likely to: become a fashion diva

I had to fit in here a Suikoden character! Josephine is yet another noble looking lady with a fine pink (and red) dress with an eye for culture and fashion… But she is not as lady like as she seems. She is the first noble lady to actually fight in a Suikoden game, whacking enemies with an umbrella. She also has dark secret she hides, and that made me like her more in the game.

6. Bad Girl

Fan art by Khalitzburg

First appeared in: No More Heroes (2008)
Most likely to: kill you on the spot.

Bad Girl is a very bad gurl. She is the ranked second in the United Assassins Association, and despite her girly pink outfit, she’s anything but girly. She is blood thirsty beer drinking demented maniac that likes to beat people up to death with a bat. She is very dangerous and might try to trick you by starting to cry suddenly in mid battle. This persistent is pretty high on the list because she was VERY persistent until the very end. Only one fight was necessary to engrave her in my mind as the most psychotic killer in pink.

ok, this concludes the third part of my Top 20 video game characters in pink. By now you could guess who could be on the top 5, but I can assure there will be some unexpected surprises, so I hope you come back tomorrow to check the Final Five!


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