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The moral choice is yours!

WARNING: This blog contains some spoilers regarding Rune Factory Frontier. If by any chance, you don’t want to know what happens with some of the potential wives, don’t read any further. But really, it’s nothing life shattering like when Sephiroth… is that still considered a spoiler? I think it’s as well known as the fact that Darth Vader is… oh, but I digress!

Every once in a while I get to play a game that allows me to make a moral choice. I must admit I was surprised to find out Rune Factory Frontier was one of them. Will I have the choice of saving or destroying a town? Will I be able to kill or spare somebody? Nope… this game is rated E 10 after all.
In this Harvest Moon Spin Off, there are 12 maidens that you can choose to court and eventually marry. Of all the available bachelorettes, one of them kind of stands out more than the others, simply because she’s not skinny. Her name is Eunice

My Rune Factory Wifey

This is something odd in a video game, especially since gamers can’t seem to take seriously some characters with a little extra weight. I know this by experience; my main character in Phantasy Star Online (and later Universe) was a short, chubby girl. She wasn’t obese exactly, but everyone made fun of me and called their friends so they can see the fatty. It was annoying… but I digress.

She’s known as Juni in Japan

Anyway, at one point of the game, one you raise her heart (love) meter enough, she’ll ask you if you prefer thin girls, and your answer will have a deep impact in her life. At first, I felt kind of bad. I mean, she’s just a video game character, but how can I tell her, “Oh yes, I prefer thin girls over girls like you” (That’s not the way the choice is presented, by the way)

Do I really want this girl to go on a diet simply because I “like thin girls” or should I tell her she looks fine the way she is. I don’t want somebody to take such an important decision just because I think she’ll look better that way. While I find this moral dilemma… troubling, I found it interesting to see a girl with probably more realistic worries than the rest. Here is a girl with a sweet personality that worries about being as fat as her father, and is looking for motivation on actually starting the diet. Luckily for her, the main character turns out to not be an insensitive jerk when he quickly adds “It’s all a matter a of preferences, really.”

Once she decides to go on a diet, she will refuse sweets (which happened to be the quickest way to raise her love meter) and you will even see her actually swinging a naginata along with one of the other girls as a means to work out. EVERY DAY.

Eunice, 1 month later

2 in game months later, she had achieved her goal. Now she seems a lot happier, is more conscious about controlling her love of sweets, and even wears a swimsuit on summer along with the other girls. In fact, I think she might have overdone it. She became the cutest, thinnest girl of the bunch, which I think somewhat defeats the purpose of her character. =/

Eunice, total fitness 

That’s… quite a change!