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In the spotlight: Princess Peach

This is hopefully the first of a series of blogs where I would feature a video game character that has caught my attention in some way. I can tell you from now that the list will have a lot of unexpected entries (unless you know me well enough!) Most of them are simply favorites of mine, or I simply found their back story interesting, or curious to talk about for a while. Also, these might contain spoilers. So read at your own discretion.

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To my princess in another castle

To my dear princess:

The first time I saw you, my devotion was caught faster tan a master ball would. Your laugh refilled my energy tank. Your eyes pierced me deeper than a beam sword. Your aroma gave me more joy than a mega elixir on critical state. I didn’t know what it was at the moment. Was it love? Every time I see you, my heart beats faster than Donkey’s Kongas, my stomach feels like it’s full of butterfrees and I feel lighter tan Kirby.

And then I realized; I AM in love with you! You have the fourth piece I need to complete my heart. You are the Rosa to my Cecil, my ultimate achievement. For you, I’d roll a thousand katamaris and make new constellations for you. We’d ride to Rainbow Road and delight in the stars. I’d make the days last longer with the Ocarina of Time, so we could dance, dance all night. Nemesis, Pyramid heads, sisters, big or small, I’d fight them all to keep you safe. I’d even play CD-i Zelda; everything for you!

The cake might be a lie, but my love to you is not.
Kooloh Limpah! All my love is belong to you!