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A sylvari journey: Southern Caledon Forest

After feeding Arhterox some experience scrolls, he was able to get the silvary tier 1 cultural armor. The colors will be varying a little bit as I find the right combination, though.

Artherox received a latter from Caithe, telling him another syvari was poisoned and she urged me to find an antidote for him. But what’s the rush? He’ll be fine while Artherox explore Caledon Forest a little bit more, right? Continue reading A sylvari journey: Southern Caledon Forest


A sylvari journey: Awakening

The final episode of Season 2’s Living Story in Guild Wars 2 is already here! The ending cut scene really hyped me for whatever is coming up (We will find out on January 24, which is around the corner!)

Now, I don’t really need much of an excuse to create a new character, but the story is going to a point were using a sylvari character will probably be a bit more interesting. Previous events already make people think less well of this plant like beings, and I’ve been wanting to make one since then.

I will be using several items which will net me at least half of the possible levels, but what I’m really looking for in with this new character is to know more about sylvari and their history.

What’s that? Check the wiki instead of living it myself? Get outta here!

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