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One Mii is not enough 2: Mii Fighters

I know I have posted about Mii Fighters before, but that was the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros! This is HD Mii Fighters now, baby!

I once again turn my beloved Guild Wars 2 characters and turn them into a different kind of fighters. Why? Not only was I bored enough to do this, but I was also wondering which of my characters would win in an all out fight. The only logical way to find out was to pit them out in a 8-players match in Super Smash Bros as Mii Fighters. Never mind the fact that their Mii skills are NOTHING like their GW2 skills, That’s a minor inconvenient.

So this:

guild wars gangBecame this:

Yes, that guy with the lion helmet is suposed to be my Charr Ifreet. Shut up. I needed 8 Miis. I tried making the fight as fair as possible so I let items on. Shut up.

Let the fight begin!


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