Pink is the New Black: A Top 20 list, part 4

WARNING: If it isn’t obvious enough, there is a massive amount of pinkness in this list. If you are not brave enough to handle all the pinkness, I suggest you close your eyes while reading this blog. Yeah… that should work.
Today’s final 5 will have some obvious choices, but I’m pretty sure some of them you won’t see them coming. Keep in mind that this list is based on personal favoritism and nothing else.
Ok, then, let’s finish this!

5. Annie

First appeared in: Wild Guns (1994)
Most likely to: blow your head off

So… you’re family has been kidnapped and murdered. What do you do? In this situation, Annie did what she thought was the best course of action. She hired a Bounty Hunter. And she went with him. You might laugh at the size of her puny gun, but this lady sure knows how to use it against robots and cowboys. She can shoot, dive and double jump like a pro, and if she is feeling lucky, she’ll dish out her rocket launcher and kill everything in the screen.

4. Clara

First appeared in: Skies of Arcadia (2000)
Most likely to: find true love. By force.
Skies of Arcadia is filled with unique types of pirates, but Clara beats them all in the girly fashion department. Her flagship, the Primrose is pink. Very pink. In and out. And it’s entire crew is composed of girls. Girly girls. Girly girls in search of love. And of course, Clara wouldn’t be a good captain if she herself wasn’t wearing pink too. Clara seems to be a strong pirate, instilling fear in those she hunts (which usually is her love interest)

Clara’s flagship: The Primrose

3. Princess Zelda

Fan Art by know-kname

First appeared in: The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Most likely to: beat Ankle in a wrestling match.

The princess of Hyrule and bearer of the Wisdom triforce, how could I forget her? To be honest, I did think of her, but not about this particular version, so she almost didn’t made the list. This particular version of her has been the most active Zelda in the series (On screen, I mean, since we all know about Zelda/Sheik from Ocarina of Time)

2. Quistis Trepe

Fan art by zakuta

First appeared in: Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
Most likely to: put you in Time Out

There are a lot of popular Final Fantasy characters out there, but one of my favorites doesn’t seem to be one of them. What is it that I like about her? The whip? The mature teaching role she portrays? The fact that she has a instant kill “limit break” that you can spam by having her at low health to level up in the toughest areas of the game? Or is it because she wears pink?

I think it’s the whip…

1. Princess Peach

Fan art by slimu

First appeared in: Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Most likely to: be kidnapped

Who doesn’t know Peach? She has been kidnapped time and time again for the last 25 years! You would think that by now, her people would be prepared for the next kidnap attempt, and maybe they do. (Plan A: Wait for Mario to rescue her) But I digress…
Peach has shown that she is not as defenseless as she was many years ago, and has been seen dribbling, kicking, fighting and jumping her away across board games and sports events, while keeping her princess…y grace, and her trademark pink of course.
Peach is, actually, my favorite Nintendo character (along with Toad) and that’s probably why I ranked her number 1. She is has been my first option in any game she has been playable.

And there you go. My Top 20 video game characters in pink. It was kind of hard, considering there were a few other characters I wasn’t sure if I should add (Reason why a Top 10 list became a Top 20)

Yes… there are more characters in pink out there, and you’d probably wish you didn’t meet some of them. But I still will. Next time: Characters that didn’t make it!


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