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The family… expanded!

I hope you enjoyed my last blog: The perfect family.
Now, you might have thought: What about your other set of grandparents? What about the wife?

Well, I will tell you this. I was too lazy. Mostly. It wasn’t easy picking up Speed Buster and Heihachi Mishima as my crazy homicidal grandparantes, and I didn’t even want to think about who bloodier my family would get if I go through another set of grandparents.

And the wife? Well, I don’t see myself getting a wife. ANd then there’s HER family. But then I remember why I made the blog: Purely for fun. So, I decided to go ahead and complete my family. I must admit, it was easier than I thought, and now, my family grow weirder but got balanced in the psychotic department.

The other grandmother: Raja

Looking retrospectively, Raja would be my favorite grandma. She is not a deaf assassin, like my other one. Instead, she is a retired Commander of a Royal Navy, and is known as Hurricane Raja for raising ranks so quickly from the daughter of a fisherman. Thanks to her service to the Queen, her hometown Raftfleet was granted autonomy too. She is truly an role model to follow.

The other grandfather: Geppetto

Geppetto would by my favorite grandpa too. He’s a kind old man that always carries a marionette. The marionette resembles her late daughter) and even has her name. Creepy? I have a feeling that my sister Lulu would get along well with him too. Specially since uses Cornelia to attack and cast magic (elemental attack varies according to the dress she is wearing.)

The wife: Peach

The stereotypical damsel in distress Why? Why, of all the hot, sexy ladies out there, I chose HER? I’ve been a Peach fan ever since she was known as Princess Toadstool and I could play as her in Super Mario Bros 2. She was my character of choice on Super Mario Kart. I was excited at having her as a playable character in Super Mario RPG. And while my memory is not so good, I’m pretty sure I jumped like a rabid, gleeful kangaroo when she was announced for Super Smash Bros Melee. There might be better choices out there, but to me, Peach is the only heart of my life. Well… almost.
Also, I would get to rule a kingdom. 😀 And let’s face it: Some changes are needed in the Mushroom Kingdom if we want to reduce the royalty kidnapping percentage!


Grandfather 1: Heihachi Mishima (Tekken)
Grandmother 1: Speed Buster (No More Heroes)
Grandfather 2: Geppetto (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
Grandmother 2: Raja (Suikoden 5)
Father: King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy)
Mother: Mom (Animal Crossing)
Brother: Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)
Sister: Lulu (Final Fantasy X)
Wife: Peach (Super Mario Bros.)
Pet: Amaterasu (Okami)

So there it is. Now it’s complete. I hope you are looking forward to see the family Christmas card!


The perfect family

While I love my family, I decided that I would get a new one! I searched high and low for video game characters so I could assemble the perfect family. Grandparents, parents, siblings and pets. I will have them all!

Let’s start now with the eldery:

Grandmother:  Alice McHarthy

Alice is a nice 76 years old lady who despite her age, is very recognize in the field she workd at. You see, she is ranked third in the UAA (United Assassins Asociation) and is the oldest one too. Her shopping cart actually has the pieces of her Buster Launcher, a giant cannon capable of obliterating anything in from of it. While she seems to hate men, and might be a bit of hearing problems, I would rest easy knowing that grandma is capable of defending herself, and destroying anything that gets directly in her way too.

Grandfather: Heihachi Mishima

This is what I call one tough old man, not only we is (was) the head of the Mishima Corporation, he also founded and commanded the Tekken Force Unit. He also likes to throw relatives at cliffs or volcanoes. I certainly wouldn’t have to agree about the well being of dear old gramps, considering he survived big explosions in the past. He will teach me about, ambition, power, and survival of the fittest. Also, if he gets in a fight with grannie, I think he’d survive her Buster Launcher too. He also should have a lot of money.

Mother: Mom (Animal Crossing.)

Of all the nice mothers out there I had to choose the mysterious mom from Animal Crossing. Why? Because if I wanted to leave home and live on an animal filled town run by a greedy raccoon, she wouldn’t even think about it twice. If I ever get homesick, she’ll help me stay focused on my goal by reminding me how insane she is through her lovely letters.. ahem…

Dear Guarionex,
I thought I saw you
coming toward me through
the fog. Then I realized
was just a rock.
No offense, sweetie. [heart] Mom

Dear Guarionex,
I found your shirt while I
was getting some winter
stuff out. I tried it on,
but couldn’t breathe.
Hac hack! [heart] Mom

Dear Guarionex,

Are you coming home for
the holidays? Don’t worry,
we found the hamster and
gave it a proper burial.
Your dad cried. [heart] Mom

Father:  King of All Cosmos

First, considering my grandfather would be a man who has thrown his son over cliffs and volcanoes, I think that having the King of All Cosmos as a father would stop that problem. Just look at him. He is HUGE. And she shoots laser beams out of his eyes, which he’ll probably used against me if I disappoint him. He might occasionally get drunk and knock down whole constellations, but it’s not like he’ll make me replace them, right. RIGHT!?

Brother: Luigi

Everybody knows Luigi, right? He’s Mario’s brother! If I had Mario as a brother, I would be horribly overshadowed by his fame, and I don’t want that, so I figured Luigi would help boost my own self esteem by being his coward, awkward self. Heck, we would probably get along pretty well in the awkward department! Still, he’d be a good brother who would not mind playing board games and any random sport I could think of

Sister :  Lulu

My family is far from typical, so I decided I wanted a sister that liked playing with stuff dolls, and enjoyed accessorizing her outfits even more. And Lulu fits those requisites! So what if the freak factor raised even more? She is a black mage! These mages can cast fire and stuff! Total Destruction! That’s one sister I wouldn’t have to worry about defending either. Now that I think about it, maybe I’m the one in danger of these crazy people.

Pet: Amaterasu

Every fun, loving family needs a pet. And mine would be none other than the origin of all that is good and mother to us all.  Luckily (and hopefully) she is not literally my mother.  Ammy is… well, she’s a freaking goddess! She can control the elements, sunsets, sunrises and can regenerate broken things. Considering my father tends to misplace constellations, my new pet can easily replace them with new ones with a few brush strokes. And keeping grandpa from throwing Luigi or me out of a random cliff… and block grannie’s giant cannon if she goes wild and crazy on all of us.

So there it is. I realize that my new family might not be that perfect, but I can imagine the fun we’ll have when we invite the extended family for a get together/BBQ.