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Month of Sims 4: Slowly but surely

Being a new Sims player, I don’t think I can post any awesomely awesome pictures. Leonardo got a couple of promotions and now his house has most of the essentials. I’m looking forward to the point where I can start affording decent furniture!


Month of Sims 3: new house!

The beginning of a legacy

Leonardo Jimenez just moved to the lovely town of Macondo. He is a brave, family oriented, handy, computer whiz and friendly guy who wishes to master the logic and handiness skills. He firmly believes his family is destined for greatness, but first he needs a house. With less than 1,500 simoleons, Leo built a tiny house with nothing but a door and a window.

First thing firt, he needed a job. He found out getting a job was a simple as being willing to work, and he found an available position as a snitch in the police department. It would be a matter of hours before he’ll start earning some cash to buy trivial things like a bed, a toilet or a fridge.

Leo spent his first day in town at the gym. It had everything he needed: shower, toilets and a fridge. Not forgetting his dream of being the founder of the greatest family Macondo has ever seen, he began to talk to ladies at the gym. He made a really good friend that turned out to be married. Tomorrow will be a good day to continue.

After a couple of sandwiches and many naps in a gym chair, Leo woke up early to go back home and wait for his ride to work, where he met his boss Lieutenant Hank Goddard and partner Blair Wainwright. After getting out of work, he decided to reduce the size of his house so he could afford a bed, and at least a sink where he could brush his teeth. He wasn’t going to spend another night at a gym chair!

As he appreciated his smaller, but better equipped house, he got a call from partner Blair: beach wear party time! Upon arriving at her house, I found out Blair was filthy rich. There were a couple of minor celebrities who weren’t the least bit impressed with poor Leo, but all his attention fell on Ayesha Ansari. He quickly found out she was Pisces and single. Maybe she’ll be the one! It was too late already so Leo went back to his humble residence, taking a mental note of calling Ayesha the next day.