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One Pic is not enough: Super Princess Peach 2: desert edition

I kind of lied. I didn’t complete every single jumping puzzle. Realizing I still needed the one from a borderlands, Dry Tops and Silverwastes, Peach returned with a vengeance. And a pretty princess doll.

The borderland’s jumping puzzle I need is the one where Black Gate is occupying. Since I need to keys to access the vault, I had Peach get the keys at the Tarnished Coast borderland. Maybe soon we’ll get to be red again?

The jumping puzzle at Dry Top’s crash site is one of the puzzles that makes me glad I have 75% reduction of fall damage. With a bit of persistance and well timed portals to bring me back up, I managed to do it.

Now, the jumping puzzle at the Silverwaste is completely ridiculous (for someone of my skills) You basically travel across the whole Silverwaste map, starting somewhere in the northeast corner and ending somewhere near the southwest corner. It takes you underground and high above the fight. To make it more troublesome, you must make sure you find 9 checkpoints if you want to claim your achievement points. But enough about how frustrating it was for me, and how I almost started crying in a corner in cradling myself in fetal position while sobbing “no more.” Here are some of the scenery I liked from my trip down to hell known as Restrospective Runaround.

Such a seemingly easy jump. So many failed attempts.And it’s a LONG way down.

Back underground, once you reach the chest, you need to find three pieces of a key (in addition to having all 9 checkpoints, AND fight a Veteran Legendary Skrit (Fortunately he was of Veteran status and not Legendary) for the contents of the chest. My prize for all my trouble? An endless Skrit Burglar Tonic and a dowsing rod. What does it do? I haven’t checked yet. Oops!


One pic is not enough: Super Princess Peach

It’s a new year! I might be done with Guild Wars 2 Project 365, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting more random screenshots from time to time. I just won’t have the self afflicted pressure of needing to post a certain amount.

So, after leveling up my second mesmer, and giving her the Superior Runes of Snowfall, and the fall damage reduction trait, Peach ended having a 75% damage reduction from falls, which is perfect for my terrible jumping skills. I must say, I HAVE improved greatly in that area, but having a fall damage sponge capable of using portals was incentive enough to hunt those remaining jumping puzzles. It was my…. last minute 2014 resolution.

The fact that a character based partly on a Super Mario Bros character being mainly used to jump around platforms hasn’t been lost on me.

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