Pink is the New Black: A Top 20 list, part 2

WARNING: If it isn’t obvious enough, there is a massive amount of pinkness in this list. If you are not brave enough to handle all the pinkness, I suggest you close your eyes while reading this blog. Yeah… that should work.
Yesterday we covered fighters, knights, hedgehogs, little girls and… uhh.. whatever the heck Birdo is. What creatures await between entries 15 and 11?

15. Wendy Koopa

Fan art by ImperialCarnival

First appeared in: Super Mario Bros 3 (1988)
Most likely to: be a appear in My Sweet 16

Wendy Koopa is the only girl among 7 other siblings, and I’m pretty sure she gets what she wants (Unless Mario is on the way of her desires of course) I’m also sure not many koopas look as good she does in a pink shell and ribbons.

14. Dixie Kong

Fan art by Duckboy

First appeared in: Donkey Kong Country 2 (1995)
Most likely to: go bananas

The first playable female Kong happens to like pink too. Diddy Kong’s girlfriend proved right away that she can hang out with the best of them, and that you can count of her helicopter, barrel grabbing ponytail. There are definitely more feminine Kongs out there (including her younger sister, who seemed to develop way faster than her) but no other Kong wears pink like her.

13. Kairi

Fan art by ferus

First appeared in: Kingodm Hearts (2002)
Most likely to: [insert witty/lame comment here]

In the course of history, women have been the cause of many historic events. In video games, it usually starts when somebody kidnaps her and the male hero sets on a journey to destroy nations to find her. OK, so this is not the exact case with Kairi, and the descriptions probably fits Peach better… I can’t really say, Kingdom Hearts is not so fresh in my memory. While she doesn’t wear pink on her first appearance, she joins the pink team as she grows up. Also, like rest of the pinks, she has proven she can take care of herself to some extent.

12. Jigglypuff

Fan art by purplekecleon

First appeared in: Pokemon Red and Blue (And Green in Japan, 1996)
Most likely to: be successful at karaoke

Jigglypuff is a mean killing machine, who happens to be shaped like a cute, pink balloon and sings too. Japan seems (or seemed?) to adore her. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have been the case if she was… let’s say… green.

11. Toadette

Fan art byBowzilla

First appeared in: Mario Kart: Double Dash‼ (2003)
Most likely to: give you diabetes

Nintendo has done it again. Needing a partner for the dual kart racing madness for Toad, they created a female version of him. And she is disgustingly pink. She’s also sickenly cute. Just look at her. Urgh. Have I mentioned that I user her quite often, when I need a Toad break in Mario Kart Wii? I’m afraid that she is here to stay.

This marks the end of the first half of the Top 20 video game characters in pink. Who will be on the other half? Check on the next few days to read the last 2 parts!



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