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One Mii is not enough 2: Mii Fighters

I know I have posted about Mii Fighters before, but that was the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros! This is HD Mii Fighters now, baby!

I once again turn my beloved Guild Wars 2 characters and turn them into a different kind of fighters. Why? Not only was I bored enough to do this, but I was also wondering which of my characters would win in an all out fight. The only logical way to find out was to pit them out in a 8-players match in Super Smash Bros as Mii Fighters. Never mind the fact that their Mii skills are NOTHING like their GW2 skills, That’s a minor inconvenient.

So this:

guild wars gangBecame this:

Yes, that guy with the lion helmet is suposed to be my Charr Ifreet. Shut up. I needed 8 Miis. I tried making the fight as fair as possible so I let items on. Shut up.

Let the fight begin!


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One Mii is not enough 1: Tomodachi Life

Warning: The following blog posts are completely pointless and are just a mean for me to stop being bored for a while.

This is my Guild Wars 2 Gang

cropped-guild-wars-gang.pngI am very fond of them, so it’s natural for me to try to replicate them in other games. Like in Tomodachi Life.


Here is the gang in Mii form. Sadly, asura and charr are not that easy to make in a game like this. (From left to right: Kiram, Aster, Xendell, Aedan, Simael, Layla (Peach) and Deon.

But if I am going to do a Mii photo shoot, I am going all out!

Pop Wars 2

Beach Wars 2

A Viking, a Pharaoh, a Peasant, a Satyr, a Nobleman, a Pirate and a Cowboy went into a bar…


Deon-tron and his multicolored ninjas.


When animals attack.

And finally, the “2 people of the same gender can’t get married in this game but they can pretend in the photo section” picture.


Aster plays with Miis

Nintendo is truly evil.

For the past months, that company decided it would take over my life and my wallet by releasing a lot of awesome games that I want. It started with Hyrule Warriors. I thought it would be a nice diversion from real life, but that game got me really hooked. Then, days later, Super Smash Bros arrived.

I have ALWAYS loved the Smash Bros series, and saying that I have been anticipating this game for years is a huge understatement. (Ok, so it may be just a regular, accurate statement, but bear with me.) The advantage of having it on 3DS is that I can sneak in some gameplay between the crazy things real life make me do (work, prepare for work, taking a nap to recover from work, classes, etc)

I don’t consider myself good a t reviewing things, so I’ll just go skip that part and talk about one of my favorite aspects in many games: Character creation.

Super Smash Bros allows you to take your Miis and turn them into fighters. They can fight with their fists (Brawlers), a sword Swordfighter, or a gun (Gunner. Yeah, I know, these names are crazy creative). You can also assign them a of 3 different moves per attack (neutral, down, up and side), giving you plenty of room for customization. You can also unlock outfits and hats to make them look even more unique.

So here are my 9 Mii Fighters (Please read the name of each character as the announcer from Smash bros for a more enjoyable experience)

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