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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 153: Chronicles of Tyria


Saturday Night Guild Group Photo! This was taken after guild missions. There is an NPC charr that refused to move out of the picture as she picked strawberries


Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 47: Quaggans!

Typically, I am indifferent toward quaggans, but these ones… they are criminally cute! After finishing our guild missions sessions, it was decided we’d finish them just like we started them: turning into quaggans. It was only fitting that our guild challenge was to rescue quaggans. Here I was trying to align with the quaggan troop. I failed.

Chronicles of Tyria’s Guild Party!

On January 11, CoT invaded Duramd Priory to hold their Winter Party. During the course of the party, several events were held, like trivia, races, a CoT version of Mad King says, a costume contest and even a race/scavenger hunt type of game.

But hey, let the screenshots talk by themselves!

Fireworks, bonfires and flags, oh my!


We even had trees coming to the party.

There was lots of dancing.

Small groups.


Big groups.
And then it turned into THAT kind of party.
You know.. the kind with big naked norns in it.


We also had fun with boxes (of fun) Medusa would be proud with these!

The “Whatever” stance.
The… well, I don’t know what’s happening here stance.
The “Use Headbutt!” stance.

Mad Queen Jole needed a new toy to play with, and many of us battle it out for a chance to turn into her most loyal servant.

I never knew had such a charismatic smell!

All, in all, it was a fun night, and many lols where had. Thanks Chronicles of Tyria