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Wobbly Adventures! Part 4 / Guild Wars Project 365 – Day 97: You’re fired!


Fired? What do you mean fired? I don’t even know who you are!


Let’s just be done with all this big headed madness alright? I intended to post this some days ago, but something certainly more interesting than slow internet happened and got in the way. Yep. that excuse will do.

On to the pictures!

Moas are just another example of creatures that shouldn’t even be able to balance themselves.

I wonder where did all the toxic went to. Oh that’s right, right into the krait’s head!


I’ll be honest. I already ran out of things to say. I wanted to do Frozen reference but couldn’t think of any. I guess I’ll just have to let it go.

Just what in the six gods is that  below his mouth?

Forget the fire rams, let’s use this doe! That head will knock anything down!

That thing can swallow me whole now! Kind of reminds me of Cell from Dragon Ball Z…

Whoever said that 2 heads are better than one never saw an Ettin before.

Jokes on you Heal-o-tron! You don’t even have a head to enlarge! HA!

Go home asura. You’re dead!

This is one of the saddest faces I’ve seen in Guild Wars 2.

I wanted more Risen pictures, but it’s hard to take good pics of creatures bent on destroying every living thing.

Jaguar is not amused.

Now THIS is unfortunate. Doylak’s heads were pretty big to begin with, now there’s part of their head is stuck on the found

And this concludes my collection of bobble headed creatures of Tyria. I’m already looking forward to next years April’s Fools! Perhaps they’ll shrink our bodies to half the size. Could you imagine how would that look?


Wobbly Adventures! Part 3

Here are some last screen shots of different races and enemies from Tyria. I had a lot of fun just traveling around to take a look at these creatures. Honestly, I rarely look at the face of many of these fellows, so bobble headed mode allowed me to appreciate them a bit more, at least for a day. Enjoy! Continue reading Wobbly Adventures! Part 3

Wobbly Adventures! Part 2

The big headed band heroes spread across all of Tyria’s major cities to check up on Destiny’s Edge and the band that helped defeat Scarlet. Today we’ll see a couple of other people.


“This will not end well.” said Trahearne

The Pale Tree Avatar probably didn’t mind. After all, what we see is merely an avatar of the Pale Tree.

WIll Evon Gnashblade be able to make a profit out of this? And why is there a human stuck under him?

Dougal Keane is just interested in meeting interesting travelers and tell them of his own adventure.

And Marriner.. well, he seems older now, but it could be the effects of the attack on Lion’s Arch.

I was greatly relieved to see that Canach’s cage was big enough for his head.

Just imagine a char in that cage. Vigil leader Almorra Soulkeeper shuddered at that thought.


Anyway, an inconvenience such a bigger, heavier head didn’t stop the Pact from continuing their mission to mkae Tyria a dragonless land

And this lady… I don’t know what she’s up too, but I can’t not trust a face as innocent as hers.

To be continued…

Wobbly adventures! Part 1



On April 1st, 2014, Arenanet had a surprise in store for all tyrians. A huge, enormous surprise!

I must say, I do agree with this unnamed study. I prefer my characters to have heads. I can’t remember having any headless character before, but I’m sure it’s not the same. I saw this bit of news too late, however. I have already logged on to Guild Wars 2 to find this:


Needless to say, I was amused. You see, I am easily entertained. It is thanks to this, that I decided to put my band of heroes to work, and travel all Tyria to document this strange phenomenon. I wanted to know if Destiny’s Edge had something to say about this.

Continue reading Wobbly adventures! Part 1