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The rebirth of Lion’s Arch

One of my favorite moments in Guild Wars 2 was Scarlet Briar’s attack on Lion’s Arch. I was very into the events that started with saving its citizens to the moment where I (Ok, we) ended the mad syvari’s reign of terror. All this excitement came at a cost: Lion’s Arch was destroyed

But that was many months ago, and Lion’s Arch is back and more beautiful than ever. I’ll certainly miss the charm the old Lion’s Arch had (it’s a good thing there are some remains of that charm still around), but the city was rebuilt with the intention on withstanding anything else that could be thrown at them.

I’d like to talk about some of the pictures, but I’ll let them speak for themselves (most of the time!)

The new and improved Lion’s Arch!

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 78: Wrecked

The Breachmaker went out with a BANG. Unfortunately that BANG took out big chunks out of Lion’s Arch with giant pieces of the ship destroying landmarks. The Marrner statue I was happy to be intact got knocked down to pieces and there is not even trace of old light house which used to be in front of the new one shown in this screenshot. Fort Marriner also got some heavy remodeling. I don’t envy whoever is in charge of cleaning up the debris.

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 77: My bear

Scarlet is dead, her ship is destroyed and Lion’s Arch has been further wrecked by the Breachmaker’s explosion. White Crane Terrace has become a graveyard for those fallen in the attack. There is a particular NPC mourning her father that made me realize I am not the emotionless robot I thought I was. I could really feel her emotion as she prayed for him, and that’s what.. er… made some sand fall into my eyes. Her name is Ellnda Grady. Her father urged her to escape while he stayed in the lighthouse to warn travellers. You might remember her by the extremely squishy light house workers you had to protect as they escorted her to safety during one of the events in Escape from Lion’s Arch.

As you talk to her, she mentions who he used to tell her of a story about a bear an bunny and their adventures. He was her bear and she his bunny. The thing is, you can read the bulletin board to find some other people that died during the attack, and while I recognized some of them thanks to the wiki, none of them truly got to me. Until I talked to her Ellyna of course.

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 63: Red Knight

The long awaited finale is already here and I must say I am pleased. No more citizens to rescue, and time to go on the offensive. In order to get into Scarlet’s drill/ship everyone must split to defeat her 3 Legendary Knight in 15 minutes. This will apparently give you access to the portals near them. However, if you have the Spinal Blades equiped you can access the ship through another portal. I wasn’t fortunate enough to see all 3 knights defeated but I did manage to go through the 4th portal.








if you keep scrolling down it means you don’t care about spoilers.






Now, going through that portal seems to skip a battle so I can’t comment on everything, but here are the things I loved about that fight.

1. Kasmeer, in a raged state, plays a crucial role in defeating her. If you ask me, I thought she would be the less useful against Scarlet. I don’t think I have a good reason for this, after all she did uncovered the Tower of Nightmares.

2. Marjory almost died. Or maybe she was fine all along, but that uncertainty was enough to go after Kasmeer yelling like a barbarian to help her avenge her

3. Rox chose her warband. She could have gone after Scarlet and finish the deed, but she refused to leave Braham’s side. So touching

4. I got to stuck a flag in Scarlet’s chest. No explanation needed.

5. Marojory and Kasmeer’s kiss. I had a feeling things would head into that direction, but I am glad they showed that kiss. Same gender relationships seemed to be shown mainly in sylvary and it’s about time they did the same for humans. Now we need a prominent male couple arenanet. Make it happen!

6. A dragon awakens. Sadly my lore is not that up to date. I heard it is Primordus. I really don’t care which on it is. More dragons! Well, eventually at least.

So yeah. I am satisfied with what I’ve seen so far and I am missing the middle part!


I have a couple of pics from the final battle but I’ll save them until this story is over. Don’t want anyone to stumble upon it and spoil things for them.

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 59: Maeva’s House

I’m sure many people have wondering what is up with the house with the force field surrounding it. Why is it untouched? Will it play a role in a future update? This house does play an important role, but for those players who join the Priory in their personal story. The shield is probably there to explain why her house is intact during the mission considering Lion’s Arch’s destruction is reflected in personal missions too,

Players whose Personal Story takes them to Lion’s Arch might be surprised to find that the city has kept the effects of Scarlet’s attack. The interesting part of it is that you can actually take some time to take a look at some areas without anyone pointing a giant laser at you, or trying to roast you with a flame thrower. The flames subdued enough to lose the reddish sky too.

Norn aranson’s Personal Story gave him the chance to check out most of the Trader’s Forum and Fort Marriner. Here are some images, enjoy!

The remains of Mystic Plaza. Like most services, Zommoros relocated to the Vigil Keep.

Bridge to Grand Piazza. Although you can’t see them in this images, NPCs that appear on this instance before the attack still appear after the attack. A bit further along you’ll find 3 kids playing Destiny’s Edge.

Marriner Statue might have survived the attack, but the poor Lion wasn’t that fortunate.

Every boat docked by Yomm’s Merchantile are underwater. Our young norn hero checked.

It’s a surprise that some pillars from the bridge to Gate Hub Plaza were untouched.

And the drill keeps drilling.

Black Lion Trading Company HQ. Evon Gnashblade must be furious, for many reasons.

Water is safe during Personal Story. No kraits to worry about. The fort in the background is Fort Morrimer.

Next Persnal story instance took me inside Fort Morrimer. From it’s top, you can see The Grand Piazza and Gate Hub Plaza.

Tokk’s mill can be seen from Fort Morrimer.

There is no way to come from and go to the Mists in Lion’s Arch now!

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 43: Marriner

“I say we build a port of our own. We build it, and we defend it against Orr. We make it a free port, not beholden to any nation, open to anyone who sails the sea. We’ll teach others how to fight against the dead ships, using charr weaponry, asuran innovation, and human courage. The port would be open to any and all, so long as they’ll fight against Orr and help to keep the waters clear.” – Cobiah Marriner

— Statue of Cobiah Marriner

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 41: Tokk’s Mill

If you have seen the latest GW2 trailer, then you know Lion’s Arch will not be the same after february 18’s update. Just like many other players, I also decided to dedicate the following days to the golory of Lion’s Arch as we currently know it.

Tokk’s Mill is located in the south eastern corner of Lion’s Arch in Farshore Ward. Hidden behind the mill lies the entrance to the Sharkmaw Caverns.