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Aedan’s Chronicles: Redemption

Warning: Objects in this post may be closer than they appear. Paint edits in this post are cooler than they appear too. Also, elements of this story might be a little bit different from the actual humans’ personal story missions or anything related to Guild Wars 2.



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Aedan’s Chronicles: Beginnings

I am an altoholic, as I have said  once or twice before. I tend to recreate characters a lot. Sometimes, these short lived heroes manage to be featured in one of the screenshots I take before they fade into nothingness. And today, another hero joined the rank of the fallen. But that leaves me with the same issue I face after deleting a character.

Ok Mr. Empty slot, I will use you! 😀


I now have an unused slot. In order to try to improve this new character life span, I decided to chronicle his life as he faces never seen before Personal Story missions (because I might make it up as I go).  But mainly this is an outlet for me to be silly while still talking about Guild Wars 2.

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