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Life is a drag…

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about a very serious matter; one that I think I should address right now, and that is…

Cross-dressing in video games.

Yay for slightly misleading blog titles!
I can’t say that I have a vast experience in MMO, or mass multiplayer online games. The only one I’ve played is Phantasy Star Online/Universe, so I can only talk about those games. Now, I like playing as girls in games. Why? I don’t know. I usually go for the ladies or the smallest.  I’m not looking for sexiness in them. Maybe I just don’t like using the muscle heads type of guys.
Playing as a girl in PSO was… an interesting experience, to say the least. First, people assumed I was a girl right from the start and started hitting on me. That made me think: Do the general gaming population assume that the avatar must look exactly like their player?
At this point, the cross dresser has 2 options: Play along with it and see what he can get, or tell them the truth. And I just can’t do the first one. Not after somebody started talking about how pretty the stars were while we were alone in a lobby. And the second option usually bring “Ewww r u gay?” comments. Let me tell you, if you felt deceived by a green haired elf looking girl named Jay, then you are delusional. My third option was to not let them get any wrong idea. My convos started like this “Hi, I’m Jay. I’m a drag-queen”
That… didn’t go too well either.
My other option? I wanted a really unique character, and Jay was the typical girl hunter in shorts, so I made a human mage (FOMarl for the PSO players). She was kind of short and *gasps* chubby. She was my favorite character. People stopped hitting on me and started making fun of me. (I never thought I would be compared to Rosie O’ Donell in a game) But Jess didn’t care (I started named my character with one syllable names starting with J after this) they came back to her. I have a feeling that Jess being the healer and the buffer played a big part in that tho…


She is also very confident of herself, don't you think?


And now, the weirdest thing I have said in a while:

Things I learned as an in-game latin cross dresser

  • If you are using a female avatar, guys will think you are a girl
  • If people think you are a girl, they will think you will be hot
  • If they don’t think you are a girl, they think you are old fat man trying to attract boys
  • If you are using a chubby female avatar, they will simply make fun of you.
  • If they don’t find out you are a guy, they will hit on you
  • If they do find out you are a guy, they probably call you gay.
  • If they don’t think you are gay, they think you are an opportunist trying to rob guys with your… charm?
  • Some guys don’t mind if you hit on them if it’s all in good RP fun, and they know it.
  • It’s funny when in good RP fun, you’re hitting on someone and another person tells on you.
  • ‘Oh, he’s not a girl”
    “I know”
    *awkward silence*
    (Wait, how do I know this you ask? I just know ~_^)

  • Making a boys in drag alliance can be fun.
  • It would probably be more fun if it had more than 2 members, so we could like about how “Life’s such a drag”


Jess and her partner in crime


And the following are not related to cross-dressing but they were as important to me as the previous one:

  • If you type in Spanish, people will think you are Mexican
  • If they think you are Mexican, they will also think you don’t understand a bit of English
  • Most people can only type “Yo quiero Taco Bell” Donde estan mis pantalones?” and “La migra!”
  • People that jump late on a Spanish speaking group might feel offended if we don’t speak English
  • Sometimes, they think we don’t know that they are insulting us in English when in fact, they don’t know that we know and are insulting them back in Spanish, hoping they don’t know.
  • The opposite happens too.
  • I can join in the fun on both ways, if I wanted. =D
  • Sometimes, Japanese talking people think we don’t know they are insulting us, and in fact, we have no idea, so we keep talking blissfully in English or Spanish.

So yeah. MMORPGs are fun. And I can only imagine it only improves on bigger scaled, open worlds. I’m looking forward to my next cross-dressing experiences as lovelies Jess and Jay. And Jo. And Jinx. And…