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Dear diary…

July 21

I am wearing my best tie today. I have a job interview! Just when I was getting ready to go to another interview for a janitor position in a nearby city, I got a call for that other job. No experience was required, and they pay was definitely better, so I cancelled my interview for the janitor job. From what I can gather, the job consists of patrolling an touristic building. I’ll probably watch out for lost visitors or something like that. It should be a piece of cake.

July 22

I got the job! The interview was held in a huge, beautiful castle. An old man with a white mustache and a huge hat told me that all I had to do was patrol the garden area, and that I would be paid with gold coins for that. He said something about turtles too. Maybe I have to care for them too? That old man seemed to be a bit out of his senses, since he also mentioned something about royalty. I’ll get my uniform tomorrow and start right away! I’m kind of excited about all of this. What can go wrong?

July 23

I think I made a mistake by picking this job. I mean, what the hell was that? First, this caslte is not a touristic place. There IS a princess living in here! And she is constantly walking uo and down the corridors, virtually unprotected. And they don’t need people with experience to guard a princess!? Second, the uniform consists of a giant, white had with red dots, a blue, open vest, white trousers, brown shoes, and nothing else! I know we’re on still on summer, but can I at least have a decent shirt on? Third, the other guards seemed to be high all the time. They keep talking about mushrooms and flying turtles, or looking for “mini games” to play. This seems like easy money, but I don’t think my conscience would allow me to stay for too long. If something happens to the princess, I don’t want to feel guilty about it. I will still give it a chance and see how it works.

July 28

Today I saw the strangest thing! A man in a green tunic and a humanoid fox where fighting against the princess of the castle and a man with a mustache at the top of the castle. My duty might be the garden, but I had to do something! This is what I feared the most! The princess was in peril! I quickly ran up to the roof (darn castle doesn’t have an elevator) and took jumped in front of the guy in green. I was hoping not to get badly hurt, and get a raise in the process. Instead, I got suspended for a week for disrupting their match, disqualifying my boss and her good friend. It was like a freaking game! Apparently I’m the first guard in here to try to protect the princess in a long time. I heard some of them say there’s no point in trying to do so. ‘’The man in the blue overall always save the day’’ they say. So, why am I even working here!? I’m beginning to hate my job.

August 4

After spending a week with no pay, I came back to work. During the whole week, I considered quitting, and even had a resignation letter with me, in case something sudden happened. I decided I wasn’t going to get tangled in the affairs of a princess that’s prone to kidnapping (The stories of her kidnappings are legendary here! I wonder how exaggerated they are…) I didn’t get the chance to present my resignation letter, though. I got ran over by a monkey in a go kart and a giant turtle with spikes. The giant turtle complained that I disrupted their friendly race, and I got a memo for it. It turns out that the princess lets some Grand Prix races in her very own garden. Yep, the ones I patrolled, they forgot to mention that little detail in my contract. I think I wasn’t suspended since I’ll have to spend a few days at the hospital. My mind is set, though. I will quit as soon as I get out of here.

August 8

I got out of the hospital yesterday, and I’m back at the castle. I talked to the old man to set up an appointment with the boss later today. I really want to tell her how I’m feeling about this job before quitting. I’ll… try to be a gentleman and not be harsh. Maybe I’ll be able to sort everything out and won’t have to quit. I’m also feeling uneasy. I’ve been having this feeling there is something watching me when I turn my back. Could it be ghosts? At this point, I don’t know what to think…

August 9

I quit. I can’t take this anymore. I want to leave this freaking place. But I can’t. The giant spiked turtle that ran over me, and seemed to come so often to play sports with the princess just sealed her in a fresco, along with me and another guard. What kind of freak plays tennis with the creature that wants her kingdom!?!? And how come the hundred of guards outside didn’t do anything to stop this? Now we have to wait for the so famous jumping man to rescue us from this prison.
Oh, but I have learned my lesson. I thought I could make some easy money out this job, but a little research would have opened my eyes. I had the option of taking this ‘’easy’’ job or a lowly, but honest job as a janitor in that other town. I made the wrong decision, but I will learn from this mistake.

September 17

It’s been a week since I got released from that cursed fresco painting. I quit soon after that. I think I made the right decision. The princess went on some vacations and vanished, unsurprisingly. Whatever, it has nothing to do with me now. All I want is a quiet, honest and peaceful job. I don’ think I can take any more nasty surprises. I got a call a few days ago about the janitor position I turned down a while ago. It turns out that the one they hired has been acting oddly, and seems to be sick, so they are hiring another one to help do some cleaning duties in the city’s hospital. This time I did some research and it’s a lovely place. The hospital is to the north of the city and it’s close to a park and a clock tower. I’ll start working there on September 22. That day will be very important to me, I just know it. Well, this is my last entry for another while, but I’ll make sure to come back and write some more when I’m officially installed in Raccoon City’s General Hospital. But it’ll be only for a week. What can seriously go wrong by then?