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My Top 5 favorite video game toys

Despite being what people like to call, a grown up, I still have some fondness towards toys like action figures. Not that I have many of them, tho.  (just 3 or 4) Video games also have many of this kind of toys, and sometimes, they tend to be more interesting than the real ones. Here is my Top 5 video game toys.


Number… 6? Kendama

Used by: Genis (Tales of Symphonia)

Fan art by yuikino

Yeah, this is supposed to be a simple Top 5 list, and the list consist mainly of dolls and action figure type of toys, but I wanted to mention this particular toy before going to the actual list.

We are used to see magic users with the typical rod or staff in video games. These weapons usually have magical properties that its user draws out to attack. However, young Genis uses a totally different type of weapon. His weapon is actually a toy called Kendama.

It is a wooden, hammer like toy with a ball attached to a string, as you can see. The point of this toy is to try to swing the ball into the pointy part of the hammer. Or something like that. You can look it up on Wikipedia if you’re curious about it. Anyway, Genis use this toy to be able to concentrate in his spell casting. Who would have thought that such an innocent looking toy would bring so much death and destruction in the worlds of ToS?

Number 5:Final Fantasy Dolls assortment

Used by: Lulu (Final Fantasy XIII)

fan art by capsicum

Sadly, I haven’t played Final Fantasy X, but I do know, that Lulu is not your typical Black Mage. In battle, she uses plush dolls to attack. Dolls! She just puts whatever dolls she’s “equipping” (based on FF creatures) on the floor and watches them attack the target. Why put your dolls on display, when you can display how powerful they can be through the power of Black Magic? And being beaten to death by a doll has a kind of… nice touch to it.

Number 4: Cornelia the Puppet

Used by: Gepetto (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)

Gepetto is a puppeteer that built a lovely puppet resembling his dead daughter. Cornelia the pupper, like the other toys mentioned so far is not an ordinary toy. She can attack enemies at the command of his master, and can even use different elemental attacks based on the dress she is using. Instead of changing the doll for a stronger one, Gepetto can find better strings to improve the attack power of Cornelia. He can also trade Stud Cards with a certain person who will give him a new dress in exchange.

This is a stud card.

You would think that having a living puppet is creepy (and thoughts of Chucky might come to mind) but she’s actually a cute little thing. Now, if you think her owner is creepy… well… I can’t argue that.

Number 3: Geno

Used by: A star with an unpronounceable name. (♥♪!?)

When Smithy came to the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG, a brave star with an unpronounceable name came from the sky to restore get the star pieces so wishes could be granted again. This star being decided to borrow one particular toy: a wooden doll with a blue cape named Geno. What did he do with this toy? He used it as a body to fight evil of course. Be it shooting stars, beams or rocket fists, Geno earned a rabid fandom all across the globe. Unfortunately, this doll was a limited edition, and we haven’t seen anything more of him.

Number 2: Super Smash Bros cast.

fan art by ChetRippo

There was a time where a battle between Mario, Link, Samus and Pikachu could only happen in our imagination. And curiously enough, the intro scene of Super Smash Bros shows us just that:

2 plush toys among some arrange blocks. Then a mysterious Master Hand begins the countdown: 3,2,1 GO!

And the dolls come to life and the blocks become a battle ground.

Everything that happens is the product of a child’s vivid imagination that wanted to have his favorite toys duke out. Now, this is just a theory of mine, and a crazy one at that, but I firmly believe that the Nintendo toys became actually alive by this kid imagination and when he tried to put them back in his Toy Chest, they beat the living crap out of him. (or at least his hand) Riiiight… forget the last sentence…

Number 1: Mendel Palace cast.

I have talked about this game before somewhere and it’s totally my favorite NES game EVER! What do the dolls on this game do? Well, once some wizard kidnaps the hero’s girlfriend, he sets up 8 doll houses that you must bring down to get to his castle. Each doll house has an unique set of doll that you must defeat, by pushing them against the wall or another doll and BREAK THEM. There’s:

Takko is the bald dancing doll that just spins in a straight line, changing directions only when she bumps into a wall.

Mira, the copycat doll that mimics every move you make. You could trick them into pushing the other dolls too.

Moko Moko, the horned doll that once pushed, it spilts into smaller versions, doubling the amount of dolls to defeat

Dragon is the crazy doll with a Mohawk that skips like a maniac. He just skips and skips and skips…

Wasser is the swimming doll that pushes you away with his feet as he swims across the FLOOR. Trying to chase them is nearly impossible, so you needed to catch them by the side or front.

Toby, who jumps anytime you try to push him. Their jumping height could vary.

Sumo, the sumo doll, he pushes with a stomp a whole row of panels if you push him. If they pushed a fellow sumo, they would start going on a stomping war against each other.

Vinci, whose drawings either come to life or render pushing panels useless. If they drew on every single panel, they will all die out of pure SADNESS at their inability to keep drawing.


This one ended up shorter than I wanted, but I couldn’t think of other options that I found memorable. I still hope it was fun enough to read.