One Mii is not enough 2: Mii Fighters

I know I have posted about Mii Fighters before, but that was the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros! This is HD Mii Fighters now, baby!

I once again turn my beloved Guild Wars 2 characters and turn them into a different kind of fighters. Why? Not only was I bored enough to do this, but I was also wondering which of my characters would win in an all out fight. The only logical way to find out was to pit them out in a 8-players match in Super Smash Bros as Mii Fighters. Never mind the fact that their Mii skills are NOTHING like their GW2 skills, That’s a minor inconvenient.

So this:

guild wars gangBecame this:

Yes, that guy with the lion helmet is suposed to be my Charr Ifreet. Shut up. I needed 8 Miis. I tried making the fight as fair as possible so I let items on. Shut up.

Let the fight begin!


It was a fierce, chaotic fight, as eight level 9 CPUs battled it out. It was hard to tell who would win.



The first valiant hero to go down was Simael, the mesmer turned swordsman.



Second hero to run out of her 5 stocks was Layla (Peach), the mesmer turned brawler. Poor mesmers.


The fight continued, with Kiram, the ranger turned gunner being the third one to lose, followed by Deon, the warrior turned swordsman.



I was rooting for my own Mii, of course, the guardian turned swordsman. But sadly, he got caught by Xendell’s Final Smash and ended up in fourth place. Maybe leaving items on wasn’t a good idea. Shut up.




Poor Ifreet, the charr elementalist turned gunner human with a lion helmet was not caught on camera as often as the others, but he fought bravely and placed 3rd place, leaving only 2 contestants on the battlefield.



Aedan and Xendell: Who will be the king of the Miis?



The fight between the necromancer/brawler and the guardian/gunner was an epic one that lasted days (minutes, really) with neither side giving up. Aedan seemed to have the advantage though.




But luck has always been at Xendell’s side, and he got hold of a weapon not used by a necromancer before.





Dang, there goes my second favorite character. Xendell stood victorious over a pile of broken Miis. Just kidding, he just did a celebratory pose while the other seven politely clapped in the background.



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