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In the spotlight: Vincent Valentine

There is something that I must admit: While I am a fan of classic RPG’s and the fantasy setting, I always liked those characters that broke the norm and used guns instead. And while Final Fantasy 7 had to gun users, all my attention went to the mysterious Vincent Valentine. Maybe it was because his slept in a coffin. Maybe it was the cape. Or maybe it had to do with his claw. All I know is that Vincent Valentine has remained as my favorite Final Fantasy character EVER. He tend to be my avatar whenever I go online, and while I do give him a break once in a while, I end up back with him down the road. So… it’s only logical for me to give him the spotlight. Here’s a quick glance at Vinnie V’s life.

This quick glance, however, is riddled with spoilers, if you were wondering.

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In the spotlight: Princess Peach

This is hopefully the first of a series of blogs where I would feature a video game character that has caught my attention in some way. I can tell you from now that the list will have a lot of unexpected entries (unless you know me well enough!) Most of them are simply favorites of mine, or I simply found their back story interesting, or curious to talk about for a while. Also, these might contain spoilers. So read at your own discretion.

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