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A sylvari journey: Southern Caledon Forest

After feeding Arhterox some experience scrolls, he was able to get the silvary tier 1 cultural armor. The colors will be varying a little bit as I find the right combination, though.

Artherox received a latter from Caithe, telling him another syvari was poisoned and she urged me to find an antidote for him. But what’s the rush? He’ll be fine while Artherox explore Caledon Forest a little bit more, right? Continue reading A sylvari journey: Southern Caledon Forest


A sylvari journey: Awakening

The final episode of Season 2’s Living Story in Guild Wars 2 is already here! The ending cut scene really hyped me for whatever is coming up (We will find out on January 24, which is around the corner!)

Now, I don’t really need much of an excuse to create a new character, but the story is going to a point were using a sylvari character will probably be a bit more interesting. Previous events already make people think less well of this plant like beings, and I’ve been wanting to make one since then.

I will be using several items which will net me at least half of the possible levels, but what I’m really looking for in with this new character is to know more about sylvari and their history.

What’s that? Check the wiki instead of living it myself? Get outta here!

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One Pic is not enough: Super Princess Peach 2: desert edition

I kind of lied. I didn’t complete every single jumping puzzle. Realizing I still needed the one from a borderlands, Dry Tops and Silverwastes, Peach returned with a vengeance. And a pretty princess doll.

The borderland’s jumping puzzle I need is the one where Black Gate is occupying. Since I need to keys to access the vault, I had Peach get the keys at the Tarnished Coast borderland. Maybe soon we’ll get to be red again?

The jumping puzzle at Dry Top’s crash site is one of the puzzles that makes me glad I have 75% reduction of fall damage. With a bit of persistance and well timed portals to bring me back up, I managed to do it.

Now, the jumping puzzle at the Silverwaste is completely ridiculous (for someone of my skills) You basically travel across the whole Silverwaste map, starting somewhere in the northeast corner and ending somewhere near the southwest corner. It takes you underground and high above the fight. To make it more troublesome, you must make sure you find 9 checkpoints if you want to claim your achievement points. But enough about how frustrating it was for me, and how I almost started crying in a corner in cradling myself in fetal position while sobbing “no more.” Here are some of the scenery I liked from my trip down to hell known as Restrospective Runaround.

Such a seemingly easy jump. So many failed attempts.And it’s a LONG way down.

Back underground, once you reach the chest, you need to find three pieces of a key (in addition to having all 9 checkpoints, AND fight a Veteran Legendary Skrit (Fortunately he was of Veteran status and not Legendary) for the contents of the chest. My prize for all my trouble? An endless Skrit Burglar Tonic and a dowsing rod. What does it do? I haven’t checked yet. Oops!

One Pic is not enough: Kiram goes hunting

This is not something new to many players, but I have never really dedicated a time of my gaming time to hunt World Bosses. I wanted to give it a try at least once, thanks to the helpful world bosses timers that are circulating around the net. Kiram the ranger thought this would be a good time to show his skills.

Claw of Jormag. It took me three tries to make him step on me when he landed for some easy achievement points. It hurt.

Fire Elemental: Careful! If you blink he’ll be gone!

Great Jungle Wurm: Validating people’s phobia of insects.

Megadesroyer: I was expecting something… bigger. Funny thing is that I have fought it before.

The good ol’ Shadow Behemoth. Sure, he’s all shadowy and behemothish, but what’s so scary about it?

Sheesh, ok, so you ARE scary.

Tequalt the Sunless: My first real attempt at him. I had no idea what I was doing, and apaparently not many other people did. It was a lost cause.

I tried again later as fellow adventurer Aedan, and things went much more smoothly. I got like 40 achievement points between 4-5 completed goals. Yeah!

One Pic is not enough: Meat versus Blade

Even though Aster’s my second oldest character, I haven’t gotten around getting 100% map completion with him until recently. A renowned quest asked me to spar with some charrs. Aster happily did so, fighting them with a giant chunk of meat. Here he is showing his matrix moves as he prepares to smash the charr’s face with a very meaty weapon.

One pic is not enough: Super Princess Peach

It’s a new year! I might be done with Guild Wars 2 Project 365, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting more random screenshots from time to time. I just won’t have the self afflicted pressure of needing to post a certain amount.

So, after leveling up my second mesmer, and giving her the Superior Runes of Snowfall, and the fall damage reduction trait, Peach ended having a 75% damage reduction from falls, which is perfect for my terrible jumping skills. I must say, I HAVE improved greatly in that area, but having a fall damage sponge capable of using portals was incentive enough to hunt those remaining jumping puzzles. It was my…. last minute 2014 resolution.

The fact that a character based partly on a Super Mario Bros character being mainly used to jump around platforms hasn’t been lost on me.

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Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days: 357-365: The finale!

Sometime during the first week of past January, I heard of Guild Wars 2 Project 365 and decided to be part of it. I was feeling a bit concerned about it because I was sure I wouldn’t make it all the way to the end. And in a way I didn’t. There were long periods of time where I didn’t post a single screenshot (and the idea was to attempt to post one every day) but I decided to cut myself some slack and just post bunches of them whenever possible.

This last 9 screenshots mark the end of the 365 pictures.

Doing this has been a lot of fun, since it made me retake this old blog that was just gathering dust and give it a little life. I just hope I can still keep it alive with more content.

Anyway! For this post, I wanted to make a completely made up on the spot recap of each of my 9 alter egos. Here it goes:

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Guild Wars Project 365 – Days 350-356: Meet Peach Sedai

It’s been a long time since I dedicated some time to level up a character in Guild Wars 2. I had an extra slot available for a while, and I decided to put it to good use, getting my first ever female character to level 80. I had made other female characters before, but they rarely hold my interest long enough to keep up with them.


Meet Peach Sedai

I am a huge fan of the Wheel of Time series, and their Aes Sedai. Aes ¬†Sedai means “Servant to All” in the Old Tongue. To put it simply, it’s a group of people capable of using magic. I have always been fond of Princess Peach so I wanted to see if I could make a mix of both and end with a pretty mage in pink. And this is the result.


The mask, reminded me of the Orlesian masks used in Dragon Age. And hey! Vivienne is an orlesian mage with a similar mask! That’s inspiration of three different sources; enough to make anyone have an identity crisis.


Although she seems pretty pleased. I was torn between dressing her up as closely as the actual peach, or follow my GW2 men’s tradition of being half naked. I even considered having her use a dragon helmet and be as intimidating as a pink dragon warrior can be. In the end, I went for a bit of both. (I was lucky to have enough tokens to get that skirt)



I also had enough tokens to grab some mistforged hero weapons.


Peach Sedai is not my first mesmer. Curiously enough, my first mesmer was made as a sort of joke character that I ended up liking. I’m hoping I can focus this one’s attention into jumping puzzles and maybe some WvW or PvP



By the way, The PvP lobby is also looking pretty festive from afar!. And yes, that is a Now princess doll following Peach Sedai.


Now that I’m done leveling her, I feel at a loss. I really like leveling up characters.

Guild Wars Project 365 – Days 342-349: Too sexy for their shirts

Since I REALLY Want to complete this challenge, and I have no idea what else to post for the remaining pictures, I bring you, shirtless screenshots of several adventurers. I’m just 4 characters short of completing a calendar.

Sexy shirtless guardian says hi.

Sexy shirtless ranger is being all mysterious with that mask.

Sexy shirtless necromancer is about to be consumed by darkness.

Sexy shirtless mesmer just became 3 times more sexy and.. uhh… shirtless.

Another sexy shirtless guardian, this one underwater.

Sexy shirtless warrior is also pantless. I don’t know why.

I don’t know what passes as a sexy asura, but I can assure this one is at least 100% shirtless. Bonus points for carrot boxers.

Sexy shirtless charr is just chilling in Ascalon’s ruins.

There. Hopefully I didn’t scar anyone.

Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 337-341: Jumping and dancing

I dread festivals’ jumping puzzle. This one is no exception. Just look at this.

I can’t even go past the snowflake platforms from the begging. I can’t trust those gingerbread men either.Fortunately, you can skip the jumping puzzle and still get the meta acachievementith other events. Aedan waits patiently for the next round of choir bell, hoping he’ll complete one more achievment.