One pic is not enough: Humans CAN fly!



After several attempts, I have tried to make my humans fly. Every attempt failed. It didn’t hit me until recently that that now is in the past!

Sure, they’re not exactly flying, more like falling with style… And yes, gliding is limited to the new Heart of Thorns maps.. and let’s not forget this not limited to humans

Look, just roll with it, ok?


Ever since the wing backpacks showed up in the gem store, I know I was going to be a sucker and get them. The fact that the wings themselves can be used as gliders was a nice bonus for me. I ended up with 2 winged guardians.


And while I’m a sucker for angel wings, I couldn’t pass up the bat wings for my necromancer. It turned out I loved the reaper specialization, so my collection of winged characters I actually use has grown!


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