Aster plays Skyforge!

While patiently waiting for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorn launch date (whenever that may be!), I started playing Skyforge to check it out

Skyforge is a game developed by Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, and whose open beta began on July 16, 2015 (just a few days ago from this post) and is free to play. The videos I saw of this game caught my attention, but I was curious if it would hold my attention. I think I can safely say that it has.

Skyforge reminds me a lot of Phantasy Star Online and a bit of Guild Wars 2. Players meet in a lobby of sorts where they can choose missions, and you can do them by yourself or with up to two other people. Other missions are larger maps that require 5 players (at the point I am in the game, there’s only one such map available) and then there are the Open Maps which is a large map with a lot of objectives and everyone can enter at the same time, much like Guild Wars 2 maps.

Rewards for each map changes every 40 minutes.

Combat is, in a way, simple, but not too simple. You will not have 2 or 3 rows of skills to use. Each class can perform a different attack with right and left mouse button, and then there’s 9 other skill slots you can use. The difference with these slots is that you can’t freely switch them with any skill. Some slots can have 1 of 2 or 3 specific skills, but they will remain in that specific slot.

The way the skills are set up depends on the class you’re using. You can change class any time as long as you’re not in combat.
The Lightbinder’s abilities page. Abilities in the same column occupy the same slot.

The game also reminds me of Final Fantasy X, because every stat gain and ability learned is through a huge ascension map where you fill nods with sparks. Players start in one of 3 starting points (each one a different starting class) and while abilities learned are for a specific class, any stat gained in either path will apply for the other ones. (Changing class only affect abilities and talents, not stats.)

You can use sparks in paths specific to a class, like the lightbinder…
But each class path is just a dot in the much larger ascension atlas, so you can work on your overall stats AND a class of your choice.

So, instead of levels, each node you fill will earn you prestige, which is what you would use to measure how strong a player is, and what is needed to unlock harder adventure maps.

There are many classes to choose from, but only if you unlock them. You can start as a tank (paladin), attack (cryomancer, which is sort of an ice mage) or support character (lightbinder, who specializes in light attacks and shields) Unlocking other classes seem to consume a lot of time, but you can try any class in the training area and at least get a feel or their basic skills.

Outfits don’t give any stats. They’re just for appearances. Clearing a class’ training missions will earn you that class outfit to use whenever you want.
There are also other costumes you can buy.

Character creation is pretty nice too. From the very beginning, you’ll be introduced to a stylist, so you can change everything about your character’s appearance (including gender) at any time.

There’s a cap for the sparks and any other token you can earn each week, so you can’t just steamroll your way to Godhood early on.

But what exactly is Skyforge about? Basically you live in a world with a lot of immortal people. These immortal can achieve godhood, and that is your character goal. As you get more prestige you start getting followers that you can use to do missions, and build temples that will earn you even more prestige and stat boosts. The story itself hasn’t keep me that hooked, but I’ve spent a lot of time doing missions to earn more sparks and make my immortal stronger.

Pretty early on, Aster got a statue of him made in the Hall of Greatness. Time to make my followers grow!
The equipment screen. Anything you can equip gives you Prestige.

There’s a lot about the game that I haven’t checked or done, or even learned yet, but so far it has been an enjoyable experience! I’m going to leave some early class trailers in case anyone is somewhat curious about Skyforge.


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