The road to Zhaitan, dancing and crying.

WARNING! There are some spoilers ahead regarding NPCs from some Personal Story Missions.

My Guild Wars 2 experience this week was rather limited, thanks to… well, equally limited internet connections. But I did manage to play around a bit.

During the last big patch, by the time we Lion’s Arch was rebuilt, Arenanet sneaked in the first trasgender character in Guild Wars 2. I’ll let her conversation with a Lionguard tell everything.

Aid Worker Sya: Lionguard Hela! A pleasure to see you and Hauser under better circumstances.

Lionguard Hela: Have we met before?

Aid Worker Sya: I helped with the relief effort after Scarlet’s attack. My name is Sya but you might remember me as Symon.

Lionguard Hela: Now I remember. We pulled some survivors out of the rubble together.

Aid Worker Sya: Seeing so many die in those weeks…it made me realize how important it is to embrace life. To celebrate who we are.

Lionguard Hela: Life’s too short to live any other way.

She can be found near the mist gates

Aedan’s quest to defeat Zhaitan continued, and this time, she found another familiar face from the human storyline. Humans can meet Priestess Rhie first if they decide to go with the Priory’s plan to contact a dead pirate/oracle Alastia Crow to find out what a mad Seraph wants. Rhie is really good at what she does as a Priestess of Grenth, so it’s no surprise when she is called to do something similar for the Pact

After finding how to cleanse Orr, Aedan took a break so Aster could help with Guild Missions. Unfortunately, not many people show up, leaving us unable to complete the challenge. A couple of us just stayed there for a while chatting for a bit.

Back to business Aedan! Now, Lionguard Mira is another character I’ve been curious about ever since she got badly injured during the attack on Claw Island. Last time we see her, she’s bandaged head to toe after being burned by one of Zhaitan’s bigger minions. In the second to last mission, she is completely healed and ready to help the Pact. But after last update, Arenanet decided to give her a look that actually reflects what happened to her in Claw Island.

I actually like all of the characters that go with you to cleanse Orr have been shown in different missions. It’s nice to be surrounded by familiar faces,

While the rest of them held the risen forces, Aedan had to help the Marshal complete his Wyld Hunt. He’s just lucky the Eye of Zhaitan held his 4 lovely Champion Risen Knights to let me pass.

His Wyld Hunt is complete, finally!

By the way, Doern Velazquez is my favorite Order of Whispers character (That’s still alive at least) I’m not sure if it’s because his last name is a latino name, or the way he looks. I hope he’s alive and well in Heart of Thorns!

Time to take the battle to Zhaitan! Except if you wait too long inside the Pact ship, and you’re not outside by the time it approaches the giants, nothing else will happen. Giants don’t attack, ship won’t fly past them. Time to reset the mission!

After a little help from another fellow guardian (who happens to be my brother in the offline world) Zhaitan was defeated, and we were heralded as heroes back in Fort Trinity. If you wait long enough during the credits, you can make EVERYONE start dancing: Destiny’s Edge, Trehearne, the masters of each Order, even Mr. Sparkles and Garm! My brother wasn’t as happy as everyone else though. You can spot him because he’s the only one freaking crying. I’m assuming he has a phobia of holographic dancing moas.

Don’t you hate when you are in Edges of the Mists and you fall to your death by accident and have to run from one side of the map to catch up with the rest? I feel that surviving the fall but being unable to get up is more insulting.

My opinion on stuff might not be too valuable since I never pay attention to the important details, and I’m really just a high level noob. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to fool around a bit with the Revenant!

At first I went for a look that sort of reminded me of that Ninja from Tekken that I liked so much for completely forgot his name and I’m too lazy to look it up right now. (Raven?)

After being stupid and opening all of the boxes in my inventory and having to throw away stuff because I was too full, I decide to start over again. This young guy with dreadlocks is what Aster used to look like when I started playing Guild Wars 2. And I’m seriously planning on having Aster being also my Revenant, unless I can come up with something else.

I’m not sure if it was just me, but the hammer and staff felt too weak. It took me a long time to kill random doylaks. Still, I like the idea of the staff as a melee weapon. I wanted a silly picture of Aster trying to read the table, but being unable to do so because of the blindfold. I actually like how this turned out.


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