Wings, total makeovers and poses.

After a period of mostly inactivity, I think I’m back in action with my Tyrian Defenders. This week my attention has been giving mostly to my guardians, one of which is trying to complete a couple of maps, and the other one who’s slowly working on his ascended gear.

For some reason, while playing Super Smash Bros, I started thinking it would be cool to give one of my characters a makeover that could sort of resemble Palutena. and for some reason, I decided that character would be the formerly red headed Aedan. I can’t say that besides the colors, they look alike, but I was satisfied with him!

I wanted to give Aster a more barbaric touch, so he can be on the opposite side of Aedan, so he ended up once again wearing mostly Pit Fighter gear.

Back to Aedan, since I really liked his new look, I took him out for a couple of screen shots.

But maybe this was not the right moment to stand and look pretty…

Something I like about the Pact, is that you get to find a lot of characters from previous story missions. One in particular should bring back memories for humans. Specially, if you have like 8 of them and you’re extremely familiar with most of the names from their different stories. One of the Pact missions have you teaming up with a couple of citizens from Shaemoor. Deborah will only be recognizable for those that choose the “missing sister” storyline

When I first met Tactician Beirne, he was known as Coroporal Beirne. He is the first person you meet when you make a human characters. He’s the one yelling “Everybody back to the inn!”

Meanwhile, priestress Amelia is the first face you see when you wake up after finishing the Human starting zone

Deborah is.. wait… wasn’t she blonde in the last mission? A very early mission allows you to decide where are you and your sister from: Kryta, Ascalon, Elona or Cantha, and your decision will influence how Deborah looks. Blonde one is Ascalonian while this one is Krytan. I’m still not sure why she switched nationalities between missions. Maybe she just used a Total Makeover Kit?

Once I was done with some story missions, I had Aedan try different poses.

Like the “I can walk with my sword on my shoulders” pose.

The “I should have brought a jacket” pose.

The “I Wanted a cool picture here, but that charr hoped in and refused to move” pose.

The “They didn’t let me run with scissors, so I’m doing this instead” pose.

The “If I jump, it can look as if I’m landing from my angelic flight” pose.

The “I’m at the top of a big ass lighthouse even though you can’t really notice it” pose.

And finally the “I accidentally jump out of the Lighthouse. The stupid wings didn’t work and I want my money back” pose.

Aster got his second piece of ascended armor! While Aedan was running around trying to be angelic and stuff, Aster has been slowly getting mats to craft ascended gear. The pants actually look nice, so he decided to keep their look.

He also wanted to have a “landing” pic just like Aedan, but he really wasn’t too into it when I made him jump. I’ll call it the “My jumps are more effortless than yours” pose.


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