The rebirth of Lion’s Arch

One of my favorite moments in Guild Wars 2 was Scarlet Briar’s attack on Lion’s Arch. I was very into the events that started with saving its citizens to the moment where I (Ok, we) ended the mad syvari’s reign of terror. All this excitement came at a cost: Lion’s Arch was destroyed

But that was many months ago, and Lion’s Arch is back and more beautiful than ever. I’ll certainly miss the charm the old Lion’s Arch had (it’s a good thing there are some remains of that charm still around), but the city was rebuilt with the intention on withstanding anything else that could be thrown at them.

I’d like to talk about some of the pictures, but I’ll let them speak for themselves (most of the time!)

The new and improved Lion’s Arch!

One of the gates to Lion’s Arch.

I’m not getting stuck in this bridge anymore! Woo!

Ellyna Braidy Graidy broke my heart many times when I heard her crying and praying for her bear (father) It seems she now took his father’s job at the new lighthouse. Hopefully her disdain for all things sylvari died down a little.

Not everything is brand new. Remains of the old Lion’s Arch are still present

And now some night time pictures

Something will remain broken as a reminder…



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