A second blog?

This blog has gone through a LOT of phases.

I started blogging several years ago in GameTrailers.com, back when they has blog pages. A lot of my early blogs were actually reposts of my GT blogs. When GT dropped their blogs, so did I.

Then Guild Wars 2 happened in my life, along with Guild Wars 2 Project 365, and I picked this blog again and injected it with some life and tons of pictures.  I ended up meeting a lot of cool people thanks to that too.

While I haven’t blogged in quite a while (anything of substance), this blog’s identity  has become Guild Wars 2 central(ish) and I feel it has limited me about things I want to write about (Let’s just assume, they were many times I wanted to write, and not just a few rare moment. It is for this very reason that I decided to make a separate blog.

Initially, I wanted the new one to be the Guild Wars 2 related one, but after a lot of consideration, I decided the opposite. This blog will now be called [Insert whatever cooler name I can think of later] while One Life is Not Enough will move here.

This blog will keep anything Guild Wars 2 related, while everything else (other video games, personal blogs) will fall into the other blog. This is kind of a test to see if I can get myself to write a bit more.

So yeah… it’s still a work in progress, but I already made a post over there to kick things off in a probably-too-serious manner. Let’s see how this works out!


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