One Pic is not enough: Daydreamers Finery Outfit edition

For the past weeks, I have been trying to get back into playing Guild Wars 2 regularly. It has been an unsuccessful task, though; I haven’t found something to keep me logging for longer than a few minutes once every few days.

Last time, however, I saw a fancy looking outfit, and decided to spent part of my gold just to see how it looks on my band of adventurers. I’m more excited for my ranger, since I always complained medium armored class where the ones with no option to be shirtless and now he can join the rest!

Aster, guardian # 1

Aedan, guardian # 2

Kiram, the ranger.

Xendell the necromancer.

Deon the warrior.

Simael, mesmer # 1

Peach Sedai, mesmer # 2

Niko the engineer

Ifreet, elementalist # 1

Artherox, elementalist # 2


2 thoughts on “One Pic is not enough: Daydreamers Finery Outfit edition

  1. I traded gold for gems for it on the day it came out. Even when I saw the picture of it that that_shaman had posted, I was in love. Using it on sylvari, especially! My Mesmer looks almost vampiric. Heh.

    1. I’ve been a bit disconnected from GW2 news, so I just saw it for the first time when I opened the Trading Post. My reaction was still the same as yours though:Trade gold for gems for fancy outfit.

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