A sylvari journey: Southern Caledon Forest

After feeding Arhterox some experience scrolls, he was able to get the silvary tier 1 cultural armor. The colors will be varying a little bit as I find the right combination, though.

Artherox received a latter from Caithe, telling him another syvari was poisoned and she urged me to find an antidote for him. But what’s the rush? He’ll be fine while Artherox explore Caledon Forest a little bit more, right?

Exploring Caledon Forest

There is a village just outside The Grove called Astorea. Among the many curious things around was the wardenlight tree. This tree is the symbol of the wardens (Think of sylvari protectors of sorts) Wardens cultivate parts of it to use in special weapons and armor to help them fight various threats in the area. Or at least that’s what the sylvari Aria, a warden, said.

There is a garden named RIme’s garden, where lots of syvari work non stop at crops.

West of the village, lies Slieve’s Inlet, which has been overrun by risen. There is an outpost nearby at Caer Verdent, with wardens and valiant trying to keep control of it. North of it there’s Morgan Spiral, which is a hotbed for risen too. Beyond that lies the Nightmare court. The Nightmare Court, from what Artherox could gather for now is an organization that rejects the teachings of Ventari Tablet and the Dream.

They believe you must embrace the darkest urges of your soul to fully live and evolve. This includes knowing every range of emotions, including pain and being close to death. Dreamers (those are those that embrace the Dream and Ventari’s teachings as the only path, and the Soundless) cut themselves from all of this.Some recruits even mention they were drawn to the Nightmare the moment they left the pod. Other question why should they obey Ventari’s Tablet when he wasn’t even a sylvari.

Meeting sylvari

The sapling (newly awakened sylvari) tried talking with all sorts of sylvari too. One of them was Mave. She has been avoiding another sylvari named Leary but at the same time was worried that she lost track of him. Both of them left the pod at nearly the same time, and she mentioned that she heard Leary’s name in the Dream. That doesn’t mean they are made for each other since all the Pale Tree does in the Dream is send messages; in the end, the syvari must make the choice. It’s obvious that despite all the Leary bashing Mave did, she does have feelings for him.

Eithne is a sylvary helping the wardens simply because her Dream was mostly empty. Since all of her visions are muddled, she tends to get lost but still tries to help however she can.

Danodor and Madoine are packmaster and apprentice in charge of the sylvian hounds. Both of them felt the call to tend to this creatures, also born from the Pale Tree.

Urais in Caer Verdant claims he can feel the undead corruption in the nearby areas.

All of these sylvari had a sort of explanation about how the Dream or Wyld Hunt influenced their decision to do whatever they are doing and I found interesting

In the end, Artherox remembered he needed to find an antidote to help a poisoned sylvari, so he went to get some from trolls living nearby.

Time to go to The Grove and meet Caithe!


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