A sylvari journey: Awakening

The final episode of Season 2’s Living Story in Guild Wars 2 is already here! The ending cut scene really hyped me for whatever is coming up (We will find out on January 24, which is around the corner!)

Now, I don’t really need much of an excuse to create a new character, but the story is going to a point were using a sylvari character will probably be a bit more interesting. Previous events already make people think less well of this plant like beings, and I’ve been wanting to make one since then.

I will be using several items which will net me at least half of the possible levels, but what I’m really looking for in with this new character is to know more about sylvari and their history.

What’s that? Check the wiki instead of living it myself? Get outta here!

Creating my sylvari

There have been other times where I toyed with the idea of leveling a syvari. In those rare instances, I found two looks that I actually liked. My new syvari will be an elementalist, with a hopefully tropical look. I named him Artherox in honor of an old mage I had in another MMO (It was actually Artheron, but the name was taken. Meh.)

 Twenty five years ago, my people first appeared in Tyria. The Pale Tree flowered, and the firstborn awakened.

The dream contains my race’s memories. We gain awareness here and then awaken into the world.

The Dream fills me with knowledge and is my connection to others. It is my inspiration. My guiding light.

While here, I have discovered my purpose: to face evil and destroy it. Even now, I sense my destiny calling me to awaken. My time is soon.

Nature and goodness are under siege. All life hangs in balance. If Tyria is to survive, it will need us.

If we fail, the Dream will be consumed by nightmare, and Tyria will wither and die.

“I dream of secrets. The voices of my people whisper to me of spider webs and hidden knives.

I see the symbol of a crescent moon on the curve of a shield. It is a symbol of wisdom.

The Dream hints at my future.

I glimpse the faces of those whose secrets I will shelter …and who, in turn, guard mine.

I will uncover truth and fight the nightmare that festers in wicked hearts.

On the eve of my awakening, I feel the earth singing in my bones.

And yet, I sense darkness approaching. Something intrudes upon the Dream.

It blocks the path to my awakening. Before I can enter the world, I must first face this evil- and vanquish it.

I am summoned by the Dream.

This is my story.

So, Artherox is ready to awaken, but there is something attacking the Dream.

Just a few steps away, Artherox finds a transparent sylvari named Caithe. She is a firstborn: One of the first sylvari to awaken 25 years ago. The Pale Tree allowed her to manifest herself in the Dream to help the young sylvari defeat a beast that is poisoning the Dream.

Caithe managed to get a solid form to help Artherox and other awakening syvari to fight the Shadow of the Dragon. Upon defeating it, Artherox awakened.

Arherox was met by Mender Serimon. The newly awakened sylvari explained how the Dream urged him to help Caithe defeat shadow of a terrible dragon. Some sylvari get a similar calling, and it’s known as a Wyld Hunt. Not every sylvari gets to be a Valiant of the Wyld Hunt, and not always they receive the call as they awaken.The first thing I noticed after finishing talking with Mender Serimon was a sylvari crying nearby. I has Artherox talk to her and see what was going on. She is torn because her mentor told her she should switch from elemntalist to thief, because she was good with light blades. The thing is that she loves being elementalist. Poor sapling must be confused, because none of those two classes can use hammers. Whoops!

Anyways, moving on!

Artherox went back to Mender Serimon to know a bit more about this new world he was in.

It turns out menders are those who heal the sick and tend to the newly awakened. That explains why Serimon was the first face he saw. Wyld hunts, as I already mentioned, is a special purpose given to select sylvari by the Dream of Dreams. Syvari also get to see images that might represent their Wyld Hunt. The image might be literal or symbolic. One of the firstborn might be useful interpreting them.

And finally, sylvary awaken by being lowered out of the giant blue fruits from the Pale Tree. I think that’s a good start ti get to know this race. Next time, it’s time to explore the surrounding areas of the Pale Tree, which includes the Grove and the village of Astorea!


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