One Pic is not enough: Kiram goes hunting

This is not something new to many players, but I have never really dedicated a time of my gaming time to hunt World Bosses. I wanted to give it a try at least once, thanks to the helpful world bosses timers that are circulating around the net. Kiram the ranger thought this would be a good time to show his skills.

Claw of Jormag. It took me three tries to make him step on me when he landed for some easy achievement points. It hurt.

Fire Elemental: Careful! If you blink he’ll be gone!

Great Jungle Wurm: Validating people’s phobia of insects.

Megadesroyer: I was expecting something… bigger. Funny thing is that I have fought it before.

The good ol’ Shadow Behemoth. Sure, he’s all shadowy and behemothish, but what’s so scary about it?

Sheesh, ok, so you ARE scary.

Tequalt the Sunless: My first real attempt at him. I had no idea what I was doing, and apaparently not many other people did. It was a lost cause.

I tried again later as fellow adventurer Aedan, and things went much more smoothly. I got like 40 achievement points between 4-5 completed goals. Yeah!


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