One pic is not enough: Super Princess Peach

It’s a new year! I might be done with Guild Wars 2 Project 365, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be posting more random screenshots from time to time. I just won’t have the self afflicted pressure of needing to post a certain amount.

So, after leveling up my second mesmer, and giving her the Superior Runes of Snowfall, and the fall damage reduction trait, Peach ended having a 75% damage reduction from falls, which is perfect for my terrible jumping skills. I must say, I HAVE improved greatly in that area, but having a fall damage sponge capable of using portals was incentive enough to hunt those remaining jumping puzzles. It was my…. last minute 2014 resolution.

The fact that a character based partly on a Super Mario Bros character being mainly used to jump around platforms hasn’t been lost on me.

The branded mine in Field of Ruins was the first place where 75% fall damage reduction came in handy. I had a lot of close calls there.

The Antre of Adjournment in Malchor’s Leap.

Chaos Crystal Cavern wasn’t exactly hard, it was just annoying.

Coddler’s Cove was actually pretty nice. You can’t get mad when you have baby quaggans singing around you, and pretty floating orbs. (I didn’t fall either, so that’s one more reason to be happy)

Leave it to asura to build weird stuff like this. Conondrum Cubed is an appropriate name for this.

I really liked the view from Griffonrook Run. To open the chest at the end you need to run all the way there with a bomb without having it explode on you. (You can still get the jumping puzzle achievment by getting to the chest without the bomb so…)

Not sure where this view came from. It might have been at the end of Griffonrook Run too, on the side of the chest.

Oh asuras, you did it again. Hexfoundry Unhinged wasn’t that hard. In fact, someone turned off the terminals for me so I just had to reach the chest. Thanks a lot random adventurer!

I think I might have attempted King Jali’s Refuge once or twice without knowing it was a jumping puzzle. It was time I completed it.

I bet Bowser would feel right at home in Only Zuhl jumping puzzle. I didn’t have problems with the jumping parts, but random balls of fire kept me knocking me around and setting me on fire. Add the fact that destroyers started attacking the place and things got even more hectic.

And finally Swashbuckler’s Cove! I didn’t take a screenshot of the actual puzzle or chest, so just take my word that this pic was taken next to the chest. There were moas, bandits and shelks (oh my!) in my way.

Say hello to the pretty princess doll!


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