Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days: 357-365: The finale!

Sometime during the first week of past January, I heard of Guild Wars 2 Project 365 and decided to be part of it. I was feeling a bit concerned about it because I was sure I wouldn’t make it all the way to the end. And in a way I didn’t. There were long periods of time where I didn’t post a single screenshot (and the idea was to attempt to post one every day) but I decided to cut myself some slack and just post bunches of them whenever possible.

This last 9 screenshots mark the end of the 365 pictures.

Doing this has been a lot of fun, since it made me retake this old blog that was just gathering dust and give it a little life. I just hope I can still keep it alive with more content.

Anyway! For this post, I wanted to make a completely made up on the spot recap of each of my 9 alter egos. Here it goes:


Kiram was kidnapped and separated from his love a year ago. He was freed weeks later by a kind adventurer, but he was no longer in Kryta. His desire to know the world got the best of him and never returned home.


Xendell’s bitter rivalry with his brother suddenly ended when he was murdered. He tried using his necromancer abilities to bring him back to life unsuccessfully.Haunted now by his brother’s spirit, Xendell slowly sank deep into insanity until he found some purpose going into the Mists, where he couldn’t hear any other voice in his head. He is rarely seen out of the Mists now.


Aedan’s sole purpose in life was to impress Logan, but after a while, he got obsessed with another guardian. He now follows Aster wherever he goes.


For a time, Simael used a mask and a Mohawk to fight crime in the streets of Ebonhauke. It is unknown if his past look is his real one and his current look is product of his mesmer magic.


Deon is hailed as the Hero of Shaemoor, but he never let that get into his head. He has always been there for his friends, and while most of them decided to go travel the world, he stayed at Divinity’s Reach. Deon plans proposing to Aster’s sister, but he wants to have Aster’s blessing first.


Surprisingly nothing else has exploded since the accident at his former mentor’s lab (R.I.P) He spent some months in hiding until he met a wandering ranger. He has been traveling with him ever since.


Ifreet is Kiram’s rescuer. They both met again some months ago, and Ifreet was surprised on how much has the human boy matured. They both now work together from time to time.


Not much is known about Peach’ past, but everyone agrees that’s not her real name.  She’s often seen playing competitive games, be it fighting, racing or crab toss. There even stories of her legendary Belcher’s Bluff skills.


Aster never found the love of his life. He traveled far and searched for clues, but he never even found out of Kiram was alive. But the wounds of a lost love have been long healed, and he has been seen happily with a red headed goofball. It is rumored Aster wants to create a small company dedicated to help people across Tyria.

THE END (of gw2project365 at least!)


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