Guild Wars Project 365 – Days 350-356: Meet Peach Sedai

It’s been a long time since I dedicated some time to level up a character in Guild Wars 2. I had an extra slot available for a while, and I decided to put it to good use, getting my first ever female character to level 80. I had made other female characters before, but they rarely hold my interest long enough to keep up with them.


Meet Peach Sedai

I am a huge fan of the Wheel of Time series, and their Aes Sedai. Aes  Sedai means “Servant to All” in the Old Tongue. To put it simply, it’s a group of people capable of using magic. I have always been fond of Princess Peach so I wanted to see if I could make a mix of both and end with a pretty mage in pink. And this is the result.


The mask, reminded me of the Orlesian masks used in Dragon Age. And hey! Vivienne is an orlesian mage with a similar mask! That’s inspiration of three different sources; enough to make anyone have an identity crisis.


Although she seems pretty pleased. I was torn between dressing her up as closely as the actual peach, or follow my GW2 men’s tradition of being half naked. I even considered having her use a dragon helmet and be as intimidating as a pink dragon warrior can be. In the end, I went for a bit of both. (I was lucky to have enough tokens to get that skirt)



I also had enough tokens to grab some mistforged hero weapons.


Peach Sedai is not my first mesmer. Curiously enough, my first mesmer was made as a sort of joke character that I ended up liking. I’m hoping I can focus this one’s attention into jumping puzzles and maybe some WvW or PvP



By the way, The PvP lobby is also looking pretty festive from afar!. And yes, that is a Now princess doll following Peach Sedai.


Now that I’m done leveling her, I feel at a loss. I really like leveling up characters.


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