Guild Wars Project 365 – Days 342-349: Too sexy for their shirts

Since I REALLY Want to complete this challenge, and I have no idea what else to post for the remaining pictures, I bring you, shirtless screenshots of several adventurers. I’m just 4 characters short of completing a calendar.

Sexy shirtless guardian says hi.

Sexy shirtless ranger is being all mysterious with that mask.

Sexy shirtless necromancer is about to be consumed by darkness.

Sexy shirtless mesmer just became 3 times more sexy and.. uhh… shirtless.

Another sexy shirtless guardian, this one underwater.

Sexy shirtless warrior is also pantless. I don’t know why.

I don’t know what passes as a sexy asura, but I can assure this one is at least 100% shirtless. Bonus points for carrot boxers.

Sexy shirtless charr is just chilling in Ascalon’s ruins.

There. Hopefully I didn’t scar anyone.


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