Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 315-323: Sleeping guardians in dioramas

One of my favorite areas from the Wintersday event is the Tixx’s diorama. This map is used for the Infinirarium and Toypocalypse instances.

It’s a tiny city!

Most of the buildings in the diorama can be smashed by any attack. Here Aster is ignoring the skritts running around to take a nap.

Maybe if he stays behind this building…

Don’t worry fellows, he is using underwear.

This is a shot I just really like for some reason.

The clouds are the most realistic of all.

Tixx’s infinarium seems pacific at first glance, but there are lots of events involving malfuctioning toys. Toypocalypse  brings this to a different level, and you need to protect doylaks from being killed by placing fighting snowmen, catapults and ballistas. Kind of like a Tower Defense game.

In both instances, you need to fight Toxx.


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