One sim to burn them all

Ah, The Sims. Why bother about stuff happening in my life, when I can bother about stuff happening in my sim’s life?

Aster had an interesting first day after moving to his new house, but things got a nasty turn the following days.

Aster’s day actually started pretty well. I, on the other hand, was panicking because I couldn’t find his workplace in the map. It turns out that instead of getting into the car an hour before their shift starts, they just get up and go as soon as the it starts and they get there by themselves.

After his shift was done, Aster needed to have some fun. He went to the park where he started a short conversation with a little girl and attempted to practice his guitar skills. He ended up embarrassing himself again, though, so he went back home.

Stranger danger!the girl, Antoinette, decided to stay at my own house to watch TV, which was a big no no. I mean, they just talked for a few minutes and Aster didn’t think her parents would appreciate her being in a stranger’s house. Aster gently asked her to leave, which she did.

Tutorial mode gave Aster a book to teach him about inventory. Entertainment! The book seemed to be too good to be put down.

Determined to not finish the day without trying to make some grown up friends, Aster ran out to speak with walking neighbors, like Keagan, Nancy and Ruben.

And while he is still trying to settle down in his now house, Aster thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for that special someone. He invited Bret Barger in to get to know him. It turns out he is actually married. It also turned out the girl Aster stopped to talk and later his house is Brent’s daughter. It seems that the desire to stay in other people’s houses is runs strong in their veins. Aster and Brent chatted for a good while, but Brent decided to stay up until 1:00 am. Aster was long asleep by then.

Aster actually went to sleep early enough, so we was up by 5:30 am, ready to cook a nice breakfast and try to release some accumulated tension from work last night. Some toast and eggs would be great. Aster didn’t have a toaster so he decided to toast it in the stove. His cooking that morning was too clumsy, but what can go wrong toasting some bread?

THATS what can go wrong. Aster set the kitchen and himself on fire, and he actually need to use the fire extinguisher on himself. It seems Aster will need to take another shower that morning.

Showering removed some of tension, but Aster was still tense and hungry. He spent more money than what he earned in his new job. But Aster won’t give up on cooking, oh no! He decided to make some scrambbled eggs. He murdered those eggs as he violently scrambled them. The food was good but the tension was still too high.

After work, Aster was still tense and angry, so he put some music to dance to it. After all, he is a music lover. While his body was into it, his face let you know that he was ready to murder someone.

It wasn’t until he stopped dancing and started just listening deeply to the music that he managed to calm down.

Just before he started making fish tacos, Brent Barger called Aster to see if he could drop by. Second night in a row, Brent? Aster decided to make more food in case he hasn’t eaten. They just talked for hours in the kitchen and then listened to some music before Brent went back home.

While the day started horrible, Aster was feeling in a good mood when he went to sleep.

Will Aster burn something else in the house? Will he actually survive a week? Is Brent having martial problems and is hiding from his wife in Aster’s house?


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