Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 275-303: Echoes of the Past

Have I mentioned I’ve been very busy?

For the past weeks I have managed to sneak in a bit of Guild Wars 2 into my life. I have been taking screenshots here and there, but I haven’t had the chance update my poor, neglected blog.

So here I am today, dumping all of it an once, and nearly catching up with the pics quota.

WARNING: Some of the screenshots shows spoilers from the Season 2 chapter: Echoes of the past

275: After a few days the new episode launched, I teamed up a lovely mesmer that was showing a bit more skin that and I was to tackle the new story instances.

276-278: We got to meet an old NPC friend, that we didn’t really get to know that well. Damn you Mordremoth. Guild Wars 2 now got its second greatsword weilding necromancer. My necro wants to use one too!

279: Speaking of greatswords weilding necromancers, I hate one of them.

280-281: A second instance took us to search for Caithe. I didn’t get to take any screenshot at that particular time. The third and final instance started at the hidden archives at the basement of Durman Priory. It has a lot of interesting texts and some interesting artifacts, like a piece of Zaithan’s tail. That doesn’t sound very safe.

282-285: From there we were transported to Glint’s Lair. One of the prettiest place I have been able to visit in Tyria.

286-287: With the new story instances out of the way, and a new set of shoulder pads, Aedan got a slight makeover and began exploring for real the Silverwastes. I managed to get 2 titles from beating legendary bosses and participated in several breach events, after securing several keeps there.

288-290: Decided to do the vine backpack from several episodes ago, Aedan went back to Dry Tops to get more Geodes. For the first time I was looted an endless tonic I actually like too.

291: My quest for the vine backpack took me also to the Thaumanova reactor, where for the first time, I infused my very own matrix cube key.

292-293: While I did get to play this year’s Halloween event. I  didn’t found the old pillowcase neccesary to start the hallloween treats collection. I bought one from the trading post and start eating candy of questionable origins. Some of them had eerie effects on me. I like to call the next picture “Mummy’s day out”.

294: A week later, I teamed up with my brother once again to hunt for the new episode’s achievment. We decided to use our Halloween outfits for it. Hexes outfit definitely looks better on females.

295-297: By this point, I only needed the medium and light carapace shoulders. I bought one with crests and took my warrior for a ride through the episode to get the other one. As always I forgot to repair gear and ended up nearly naked by the end of the last boss.

289-303: I managed to get the luminecent shoulderpads, but didn’t like the blue glow. I still plan on aiming to get the whole set tho, since you get an ascended piece of armor as a collection reward from them! But the next pics have nothing to do with that. They’re just some of my most recent characters’ screenshots I really liked. (I assure you not all of my characters are bare chested. Only nearly half of them)


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