Guild Wars Project 365 – Days 259-264: Pocket Size and Biggie Sized

After covering human after human after human, I am glad to dedicate half of today’s blog post to my pocket sized engineer: Golemancer Nikko



Nikko was an apprentice until his master passed away just a while ago. His last words were “DON’T PRESS THAT BUTTON YOU F–“

Nikko is currently on the run, but he’s not sure why.

I feel OVER NINE FEET tall!


Did you hear that?


The latter half of this blog post is dedicated to the pyromaniac Ifreet Darkblade.

No story for him. I hated this guy for a long time because I couldn’t get the hang of elementalist. But I took it easy and ended up loving the class! Ifreet’s theme is supposed to be fire…

Ifreet’s Peace corner fills him with happiness. (And peace, of course!)


Where did all the fire go!?


And with this I’m finally done with my character centric posts. Making these last 7 blogs has been a lot of fun since I managed to go through each character, and even play them a little bit.

I also happen to be a bit ahead on the daily pics deal. Because of this, posts are going back to a single screen shot per day unless I fall behind yet again. Or I might just do a weekly-7 pics post, depending on how things go in the world of Tyria.



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