Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 247-258: Sword World Problems

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my warrior, Deon Ersengar

Playing as a warrior was really fun, specially because it’s the kind of mindless fun. Just hack and slash. I had a lot of trouble finding the right look for him for one simple reason.

The wickedly cool looking Tormented greatsword.


I am a sucker for greatswords. If they can equip it, you can bet that all of my characters will use one. (And they do!) Why is this a problem? I simply couldn’t find a good gear color scheme to match the sword.



Maybe I should be satisfied with the current look, but I’m not. I could get rid of the skin but I refuse to do that.

Deon is among the few characters in my account with enough common sense to not go out shirtless to a battle. That must count for something!

Going melee is awesome, but having ranged options is always a good idea.

Is Deon shy?

Don’t jump!


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