Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 240-246: A second guardian

Today’s blog post is dedicated to Aedan Adlehyde, my second guardian.

The story behind Aedan is a silly one. I wasnted to retell the story of Guild Wars 2 through him, but with a couple of twists.

  • He didn’t kill a single centaur in the human starting zone because he didn’t want to risk getting killed.
  • He helped Logan because he genuinly wanted to impress HIM and only him. He’s a Logan hopeless fanboy
  • The reason he comlpleted heart quests was because he was blackmailed by the villagers. If he wanted them to tell Logan good things about him, he had to actually do good things (Outrageous!)

It turned out I ended up REALLY liking playing at this “joke character” and leveled him to 80, giving him a slightly different build that I gave Aster.

Aedan has almost no clue of what’s going on around him.


He’s also an extremely lousy sleeper. But at least he doesn’t snore!


Aedan’s not allowed to go the tavern at Southsun ever again.


He prays equally to the 6 gods. All of his prayers are extremely selfish, tho.


One thing he does right, is fight. Aedan doesn’t hit as hard as Aster, but he has better healing capabilities, making him more durable.


Surprisingly, even Aedan agrees than running around with an anvil hanging from a chest hanging from you back doesn’t sound very practical.

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