Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 233-239: Necromancin’

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my Necromancer, Xendell Draconi.

Usually, classes that sound inherently evil don’t appeal to me. Fortunately, I decided to give necromancers a try and I ended up loving them! And for once, I wanted a character of mine to look evil. I don’t think I puled off any evil look, despite glowing white eyes and predominantly dark clothes, but I’m satisfied with Xendell and his necromancin’ skills.

Xendell is the younger sibling of the Draconi family, and he was always oveshadowed by his older brother, Lukas. He always envied Lukas since they were kids. The day Scarlet attacked Lion’s Arch, however, Lukas died. In a mad frenzy, Xendell tried to reanimate his dead brother in the middle of the battle. His attempt was cut short when his brother’s ghost plead for him to stop. Ever since that day, Xendell’s sanity has gone downhill trying to avenge Luka’s death and tryng to get rid of a ghost only he can see and hear.

Xendell is a man of many faces.

This is his “gimme five” face.


This is Xendell’s “Thou shall not pass” face.
This is his “why so serious?: face.
This is his “I want to drain your life” face.


This is his “I;m a transparent person” face.


And finally, his “I told you not to make me angry” face.




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