Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 226-232: Aster Race

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my most recurrent character in MMOs: Aster Guarionex (Or Aster Nex)



His most notable features usually is his dread locks, but that changed recently. I decided to give Aster a fresh new look.


Goofy, carefree and loyal.

Aster calls himself a lover, not a fighter, but he WILL fight to protect those he love. He’s been travelling all Tyria searching for someone he failed to protect, and meant the world to him.



He only shows his back piece and helmet on special occasions.

Aster fought to liberate Lion’s Arch, but ended up poisoned by the miasma and missed the final battle.




Aster was originally made an elementalist instead of a guardian. he still keeps his fascination with fire.


I seem to catch at least one weird close up per character.



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