Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 219-225: Mesmerize me

Cleavage detected!

Today’s blog is dedicated to the one and only, and often neglected Simael Roh.

My mesmer is the character that has gone to the most drastic appearance changes. It’s ok, since he IS a mesmer. How does he REALLY look? Simael’s current look reminds me of certain Holliwood actor, so I like to think he IS an actor of sorts. Of course, I really need to use this guy more often.

No autographs, please.


Did you get my best angle?
Is Simael looking for auditions or looking for a job as a waiter?


“I am nothing without my stunt doubles.”
Mesmer magic is perfect for the days where you just don’t want those pesky paparazzi taking pictures of you.


Is that a jewel kit? Why yes, it is.

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