Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 212-218: Birthday boy

So, it’s been nearly 2 months since I stopped posting. Way to keep up with my 1 pic a day goal! Truthfully, my GW2 gaming time was reduced to pretty much 0 during this time. It’s an odd phase I go through where I just lose complete interest in a game for a bit before giving myself completely to it again. Meanwhile I have been keeping myself entertained with being out of Puerto Rico for 10 days (and away from my beloved PC and its games) and dabbling a little bit into the magical world of Eorzea.

Eorzea, for thos that don’t know (I didn’ until I started the trial) is where Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn takes place. And for a month, Aster was busy there.

VERY, very busy.

Now that I burned your eyes a little bit (or more). Let me get back to Guild Wars 2. I still plan on doing the 365 pics before the end of the year. The following blogs will be multi pic posts featuring one of my 9 heroes. For the most part (or at least for one out of seven) I’ll try to actually take some descent pictures to make up for my neglect. And before you ask: yes, they are all better dressed than FF XIV Aster.

Today’s  post features my first character ever: Kiram Raelg. This young Ranger, along with my account, is already over 1 year old! While older players are enjoying their cake bazookas, I’m just starting to earn my very own mini Queen Jennah.

Whoever thinks most of my characters show too much skin was 35% wrong.

My first character was actually an elementalist called Aster. That class proved too overwhelming for me, so I started creating random classes to see which one would fit me better, while I got used to moving around and attacking at the same time. And it turned out I didn’t have to worry about chasing monster as a ranged character, while having a pet tanking for me!

As I made more characters, i tried to make some kind of story that connected them all somehow (one of the geeky things I like to do, even if I don’t roleplay) and he ended up being a street rat that was received help from a baker’s son. As they grew up they became closer friends and fell in love until Kiram was kidnapped by mysterious reasons. He is eventually rescued, but before returning home, he decides to repay the favor by assisting his rescuer as he explored the world.

As I made more and more characters, poor Kiram was sadly neglected (not before getting 100% map completion with him!) so story wise, I decided he just never returned home, falling more in love with traveling around the world..

Anyway, all of it is about to change because the recent changes to rangers sound to amazing to not start using him again!

Obligatory Divinity’s reach picture.
Running around the city with my trusty eagle Hawlucha. Please don’t tell him he’s not an eagle or a pokemon. Or a wrestler. he’s very sensitive.
Dry Tops is one of the rare cases where Kiram uses his head gear. If only he had some goggles too.
This picture didn’t look as nice as I hoped it would, but it will do.
I never noticed rangers shot 3 arrows with the Barrage attack.
Let the hunting begin, but first… LET ME TAKE A #SELFIE!

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