Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 205: Nostalgia

I have identified myself often enough as a proud altoholic. I haven’t been playing Guild Wars 2 for a full year yet, and I already have seven level 80 characters: 7 of them are human, and 2 of them are guardians. So you could say that to me, my characters are like a flavor of the month of sorts.

Lately, I have been wanting to level up my 2 last characters to level 80,  sylvari thief and a charr elementalist, and decided to do a bit of crafting to boost their levels a bit. It was time to dust of my character with 100% map completion to travel the world while buying groceries for the cooking craft. After selecting him, it hit me: I miss my first character!


It’s not like my ranger has been completely neglected. He has the advantage of having every map completed, making him my top choice for guild missions (if I don’t feel like running like a mad man as another character) But still, when it comes to new content, he’s probably among my last picks. I don’t exactly dislike him, he’s just the first victim of my chronic altoholism. And it’s not like I haven’t touched any other alt after leveling them up to 80 and outfitting them. At the very least, I made sure they got a wardrobe change when that feature was added.


I’m probably missing the good old, early days, when I didn’t care about exotics or an optimal build, when maps were still new to me and everything felt like a challenge for not knowing the proper way. But I also know that if I didn’t switch between so many alts, I would have stopped playing long ago. I admire those players that commit to a single character. They probably have actually gold on their bank as opposed as the guy who spends it all outfitting 7 characters (more 2 on the process), but starting all over again allows me to rediscover little things I might have forgotten or appreciate changes in maps already completed by my “main”


Do you still play/keep you first character? Are you still committed to them? Do you go back to that character just for old times’ sake?


One thought on “Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 205: Nostalgia

  1. I only have one level 80, and my other four are around 20-30, so as you can see, I’m much more dedicated to my first character 🙂 I’ve always been a one-character kind of person, really, so my alts more often than not get neglected. I still love them, I just prefer to play new content on my “main”.

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