Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 189-201: Entanglement

Today should mark the day I post picture #201, So I wil try to condense the Episode 2: Entanglement in 13 pictures so I can catch up!

This post will contain SPOILERS FROM EPISODE 2 of Living World Season 2, so proceed at your own risk!


Thing escalated quickly in just 2 weeks. Vines actually took over the small town of Prosperity, killing many citizens on the process. Many strangled dead bodies are still hanging from these vines. Yikes! This is the work of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.


Recent events opened up a passage that allows us access to other half of Dry Tops. Aedan goes in hoping to find answers.


At the other side of Dry Tops, Aedan found friendly centaurs! It’s good to find some of them not trying to trample you.


I was surprised to find so much vegetation in this side of the desert. But Aedan must keep going and follow the trail.


The Inquest can also be found this far into the map. Aedan and company managed to clear them all out. There’s something about this place that feels magical. Could it be those floating rocks?


Aedan later found this strange, and definitely magical room.


Surprise! This is Omadd’s machine that helped Scarlet “open her mind”

And by open her mind, I mean drove her crazy, killing countless people in an elaborate scheme we are still uncovering. But it’s time to keep going with the missions, it seems Mordremoth has been able to extend to some faraway fortresses and it’s up to Aedan and company to check these places out.


First stop was at Timberline Falls, east of Maguuma. The Jungle Dragon was indeed able to extend his reach this far. His minions were already attacking Concordia Fort and vines have even enveloped the area.


Dragons feed of magic. Laylines contain magic and some waypoints are on top of ley lines. Mordremorth already took hold of this waypoint.


Salma Fort was in a worse state. When Aedan arrived there, he had to clear the area of minions with the help of Marjory and Kasmeer. Marjory’s sister was commanding the Seraph here and giving orders left and right.


Unfortunately, while Aedan, Kasmeer and Marjory cleared the fort of minions, Belinda was killed by a vine.


Marjory was destroyed by the loss of her sister. She went to her family to mourn while Kasmeer and Aedan went to get back to the rest of the company to catch them up on events.


Back with the crew, Taimi found Ommad’s machine and wanted to use it on herself, when the machine activated, Aedan went inside to retrieve the little asura and ended up caught himself on the machine. And then he saw what Scarlet saw: The Eternal Alchemy. And in the midle of it all, the Pale Tree.

Note: The reason that Aedan is shirtless is that he took a beating from the Mordrem boss in last mission. On my way to Omadd’s machine he died again and his chest broke. He was sure next mission would involve no fights. I wasn’t definitely expecting this so I didn’t have the chance to put my graph settings to “best appearance” either.

Anyway, why did Aedan (or the player, rather) didn’t go cuckoo like Scarlet? And what role we will play in all of this? Hopefully we’ll get more answers on the next episode!


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