Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Days 168-188: Gates of Maguuma

Around 2  weeks ago I said I was back for sure and determined to catch up with Guild Wars 2 Project 365.

Then I got distracted.


But I have been taking tons of pictures, so I am still determined to catch up even if it kills me someone in the process.

With Living World Season 2, Guild Wars 2 players got access to a bran new map, and this is what I am going to feature in the next batch of pics.


Some Zepheryte ships were sabotaged and crashed in Dry Tops. The first bit of the map has players moving through the wrecked ships as we find clues about what exactly happened.


There are lots of vines sprouting all around the area. Where are these vines coming from?


new map means new skill point challenges and vistas to get. Aedan managed to climb to the first vista here.


Dry Tops is very…. dry as you will keep noticing in the next pictures.


Even then, as dry as it is, it is a fresh change of scenery from the other Guild Wars 2 maps.


Every 40 minutes, a sandstorm that lasts 20 minutes arrives at Dry Top. Enemies change and buried chests are uncovered. It’s a good idea to have lockpicks available to open these chests!


Walking in the middle of a sandstorm is, as one would expect, a struggle. You can barely see anything.


I believe this is another vista from Dry Tops. Getting there in the middle of the sandstorm was an adventure!


Vines are slowly taking over the area.


This is a filler picture that shows more vines in the background.


A feature of these maps is that you need to use aspects to reach parts of the map. These aspects allow you to jump or dash across several obstacles. They only last seconds so you need to be quick.


There is a small town across the quicksand river. You need to dash across it if you don’t want a quick death in it. There’s no way to revive people in the quicksands so waypoint is the only way out if you die here.


There is not much to see in Prosperity, but it is believed that Scarlet used to live here for a while


This lady here is Riot Alice. Human players from the street rat background will be familiar with her. Aedan is a commoner so she didn’t recognize him.


There are lost coins scattered all across Dry Tops. One of them is at the bottom of this well.


One of our missions as players is help the zephyrites that crashed here. Inquest members are being a pain their bums, and therefore, ours. This mine is one of the places where they take their zephyrite captives in an event.


Aedan explore Prosperity, in hopes of finding more lost coins. It wasn’t a very fruitful search.


Aedan also managed to find the Inquest’s base, where he and other people helped rescue even more zephyrites.


There is even a portal in their bases. I wonder where it will take you when it’s open.


Even inside the Inquest base, aspects are needed to explore it.


And this was all of my day 1 exploration of Dry Tops! Mind you, this was during the first Episode of Living Story Season 2, and things changed a lot in just two weeks! But those pictures are for another day… which hopefully will be this very week!


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