Aster plays Tomodachi Life!

Despite Nintendo’s decision of not allowing Miis of the same gender to become “sweethearts” or getting married, I wanted to give Tomodachi Life a try, and for the moment I am not regretting it. Tomodachi life is the kind of game that will probably make you go “WTF” as you see some gameplay or the Direct Nintendo released a while ago. I want to say it’s like a Sims game, since it shares some similarities, but it’s different enough.

Most of the features have been unlocked so far.
The actual map, where you choose where to go.

So, where do I start? In Tomodachi Life, you get to create or send Miis from Mii Maker into an island which you will name. You will choose voice and personality  traits (via a slider) before this Mii moves into the Mii Apartments, which will initially be just an empty room. From here, you can make more Miis to fill other apartments. When a Mii is in their apartment, you can check if they need help at something. They might want to play, wish for food or new clothes or maybe become friends or sweethearts with another Mii. Helping each Mii will fill their happiness bar. When you level up (or fill the Hapiness bar) you will be bale to give that Mii a gift, or even the ability to sing a specific genre. Helping Miis also will earn you money. You will be using money to buy your island residents food, clothes, interior decorations and hats.


Black silhouettes means they have a request. Orange means they want to befriend someone. Pink means they want to confess their love and green means they want to play a mini game.


Aster wants to play!
Games take little time to complete. Some simply takes seconds.
Some are strange, like tickling a Mii’s nose to help them sneeze.
Luigi loved the hat I gave him.
Meanwhile, Peach thought the cheap Pretzel I gave her was the best thing she ever ate in her entire life.


Besides that, what else is there to do?

Well, as you get more citizens, you start unlocking more shops and features like the abity to take group photo shoots, a concert hall for singing Miis to express themselves or simply areas in which they can hang out. The fun part of the game is watching some of the interactions among Miis, specially when they express their love to another. There’s also the fact that Miis actually talk in this game. They are able to pronounce names you add (like Miis and the island’s name) or even phrases you make them say or sing.


Mii’s dreams are extremely strange, but you will always get an item depending on which dream they experience.
Aster: guardian in Tyria, rapper in Koralia Island. You can choose to have up to 6 dancers to accompany you, which will be chosen at random.


Since you are the one who adds the Miis, you can have your island filled with Mii versions of your friends and family, or you can fill it with celebrities and video game characters. You can do like me, and have a mix of both. In a personal note, Mario is destroyed because my mom rejected his sweetheart request (My mom is also dating Aster. Maybe adding her wasn’t the best idea) Meanwhile, Jon Snow suffered the same fate at the hands of my sister. Tomodachi life also allows you to post pictures directly into facebook, twitter or tumblr. Taking pictures is as simple as pressing X to screen shot the top screen or Y for the bottom screen.

I doubt Jon Snow will ever ask me to make up a pick up line for him.


I gave Jon Snow a plane ticket which he used to go to Cambodia. After that he was able to move past the rejection of my sister.
Every 12 hours you get some… interesting bit of news.

In the end, this is definitely not a game for everyone, but if you enjoyed games like the Sims and Animal Crossing, then you might find yourself enjoying this game. If not, then it’s probably a good idea to stay away from it.


This is an actual family picture. Don’t we look happy?

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