Guild Wars 2 Project 365 – Day 125: Fish out of water

I was trying this mini dungeon, whose name I can’t remember at the moment, and something strange happened. I was downed while fighting underwater (meaning my HP dropped to 0 and I had to try to rally to keep fighting by killing the enemy with my downed moves or revovering my health), since I was close to the surface I swam up since that would help me recover too. In the end I managed to get out of water but the enemy still defeated me. A nearby player revived me, and when I stood up, I was still in the “drowning animations. Aedan kept trying to keep afloar by moving his arms and kept looking up as if he was trying to stay afloat. I walked and jumped around but I kept moving my arms and head in that motion. I couldn’t attack or pick up objects. I let myself be defeated but I was still lying on the ground flailing my arms around. I had to relog.

It was annoying, but funny just to see people reacting to my odd behavior.

Has anything like this happened to you before?


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